Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse / News: Recent posts

Moved to GitHub

Starting with version 1.0.6 this project is available on GitHub.

Here the class loader issue described in #12 is fixed.

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2016-01-02

New release 1.0.5

  • Fixed issue in Velocity plugin (disabled singleton flag)
Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2014-10-24

New release 1.0.4

  • Migrated plugins to OSGi bundles (tested with Eclipse 3.8.2 and 4.4.1)
Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2014-10-19

New release 1.0.3

- Eclipse 3.x is required now (tested with Eclipse 3.6.2)
- fixed tab width issue
- Velocity updated to version 1.7.0

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2011-08-27

New release 1.0.2

- 'Go to Definition' now supports workbench's
navigation history
- now commands and related keyboard shortcuts
are defined in 'plugin.xml'
- implemented feature request #723125 (Show else
clause in outline)

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-06-09

New Release 1.0.1

- Updated to 1.3.1 final

Velocity UI:
- document provider is now set during initialization
of the editor [in initialize()] instead of defining it
in plugin.xml

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-04-06

New Release 1.0.0

- Added support for Velocimacro library
(feature request #685779)
- Added support for commenting via Ctrl+/ and
Ctrl+\ (feature request #677438)
- Added images to outline page and content
assist proposals

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-03-02

New Release 0.9.4

- Added support for Velocity user directives
- Added support for modified keybinding in
Eclipse 2.1 (required for Ctrl+Space which
is bound to text editor now instead of
Java editor)
- Fixed bug #670299

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-02-09

New Release 0.9.3

Velocity UI:
- Hover info and code completion for references are now
scope-sensitive -> within a macro definition the macro
parameters are considered too
- Bugfix #674403: NPEs when outline view not present

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-01-26

New Release 0.9.2

Velocity UI:
- Added new action (toogle presentation) to editor's
- Bugfix #667892: Incompatibility with Eclipse 2.0.x

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-01-16

New Release 0.9.1

- Updated to 1.3.1-rc2

Velocity UI:
- Added preferences pages (color settings,
Velocity counter name)
- Added support for Velocity counter in content
assist proposals for variables (feature request
- Bugfix #664074: Name of called macros now
validated before added to the outline view

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-01-13