#176 Cannot Setup with Master of magic


Hello my name is Alan and I am having trouble with
vdm sound. I have the old dos game master of magic.
The game works on my Media Center 2005 Xp system.
After doing some compatibility tweaking the game came
to life, except without sound. I am not using dos box
by the way. I knew that vdm sound works with dos
games so I tried it. I have messed around with the
settings, and all I ended up doing was messing up my
master of magic execution file. I got the not enough
memory message, and that was about it. So I am at a
loss. I have tried some auto detection and that does
not work either. I will attach my config settings
file and see what can be done. I really enjoy master
of magic, but some of the magic is gone without the



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    MoM requires a lOT of free conventional memory. VDMS decreses it because of the loaded hardware emulation code.
    YOu'll need to make as much memory free as possible. This might involve editing the config.nt and autoexec.nt (which is executes when a DOS console starts) and maybe shutting down some XP services which are loaded into conventional memory (e.g. MSCDEX simulation for CD support, keyboard driver etc.)

    I don't rember the details but I was able to setup and play MoM with sound under XP Pro SP2 with VDMSound (and sound, of course).