Int 10h & Int 13h? (video & bios disk)

  • Joel McIntyre

    Joel McIntyre - 2002-12-11

    I was wondering how hard it would be (for me as a potential contributor or just as a suggestion) to add new interrupt and port handlers?

    2 big examples:
    Would it be "easy" to add overloads for video int 10h and several video ports (3DH, etc.) to start allowing any video mode in a window? Obviously there are many problems to overcome, but to me the biggest is getting the right low level access.

    Also, could I "easily" add overriding of basic bios disk IO on int 13h? First step: many old games seem to call int 13 func 0 merely to "reset" a drive - and windows locks down the program! Second step: load and run floppy ("flopper") images.

    Are these the kind of extensions that the VDMSound project is the right platform for? Or a good starting point?

    Cheers for a great project!

    • Vlad ROMASCANU

      Vlad ROMASCANU - 2002-12-12

      Not hard.  Interrupt handlers have to be regular DOS TSR's, port handlers are very easy to do with VDMSound.  Unfortunately right now the only way for a 16-bit app (e.g. your TSR) to communicate with the VDD/Vdmsound is via I/O (I have not yet implemented a "dispatch" mechanism).  Would be easy to do, though.


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