Serial port emulation via TCP/IP

  • Jesse Weigert

    Jesse Weigert - 2002-04-10

    This is a great program!  I am so glad to be able to run all my old games on my new computer.

    Anyway, many of these old programs had support for multiplayer games over a modem or serial cable.  I thought a great idea for a new feature would be to emulate a serial port over TCP/IP.  i.e. "Dial" an ip address.  "ATDT".

    Thanks again for this great program!


    • Vlad ROMASCANU

      Vlad ROMASCANU - 2002-04-27

      Hmmm, interesting concept.

    • Sjoerd

      Sjoerd - 2002-06-23

      Hmm that's a great idea actually, shouldn't even be that hard to get working. You could somehow integrate it with kaillera too i think. Some ipx/spx over kaillera stuff would be nice :)

    • Joseph Davies

      Joseph Davies - 2002-06-30

      This is something I've been asking for for some time.  I've always thought it should be simple enough to do, and was surprised no one had done it already.


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