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TriMeshInfo 1.20 Released

TriMeshInfo is a tool designed to inspect 3D models and retrieve many geometrical and topological information. It can be used to automate the process of decoding 3D mesh inherent properties and ease data classification and retrieval.

For each analyzed mesh the following information are extracted:

* Number of Vertices/edges/faces
* Number of Connected Components
* Number of Boundaries
* Number of Isolated Vertices (Unreferenced)
* Manifoldness
* Genus 
* Orientability
* Orientation
* Volume
* Regularity 
* Number of Duplicated Vertices
* Self-Intersection ... [read more](/p/vcg/news/2005/12/trimeshinfo-120-released/)
Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2005-12-23

ShadeVis 1.00 Released

The ShadeVis tool computes a simple static, but much more correct, per-vertex ambient term. This effect, commonly known as ambient occlusion, is aimed to provide more faithful shading for realtime rendering.

In practice rather than considering the ambient lighting to exist uniformally throughout a scene, this approach determines the ambient brightness of each part of a surface to be proportional to the extent to which the surface has "its outward view of its environment" free i.e. ''occluded'', by other surfaces of the object. Inner part will therefore appear darker.... read more

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2005-11-11

Metro 4.06 Released: Multiple Search Structures

Metro is a tool designed to evaluate the difference between two triangular meshes. Metro adopts an approximated approach based on surface sampling and point-to-surface distance computation. The tool is widely used in the surface simplification research community (approx 200 citations of the tool in scientific papers according to google scolar).

Current version uses multiple search structures.
Now the mesh comparison can be done exploiting a static uniform grid, a hashed grid or a hierarchy of AA box. ... read more

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2005-10-03

Metro 4.02 released: bug fixes and off format support

Minor release:
- removed bug in printing Hausdorf distance,
- removed bug in command line parsing,
- upgraded import mesh library to support off format

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2004-11-29

Metro 4.01 released: a minor update release

Just minor bugs and better gcc compatibility at source codel level.

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2004-09-21

Metro 4.00 released: the standard tool for comparing meshes

Metro is the standard tool used to compare the result of different simplification algorithms for 3d meshes.

Metro take in input two triangular meshes and compute the Hausdorff distance between them.

This tool has been always available to the research community and now, together with the vcg library used to develop it, metro has gone open source under GPL.

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2004-06-24

Project web site is up

The site is up and running.
Powered by tiki wiki php engine.

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2004-02-10


Started to submit the cvs tree...

Posted by Paolo Cignoni 2004-02-05