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This project is still alive

The previous messages with users revealed that vcf2csv has proved successful in use.

However, there are still some modifications. I discuss this with a current email users very intense and it is intended to implement some of these changes.
The timing is so good, to participate in this discussion.

Everyone is welcome to share their wishes in the forum.

Posted by Christoph Sandhaus 2012-11-15

Version 0.0.5 with advanced windows compability

The new version contains bug fixes for windows. It should compile properly using MinGW ( Take a look at the README file.

Posted by Christoph Sandhaus 2009-05-16

Version 0.0.4 released

Improved usability:
- man page added
- update of README

The download file now contains a Makefile to install/remove the distribution to/from your system. You need to be root to install.

A (elf) binary is still included if you don't want to compile/install.

The man page (man vcf2csv) contains examples and a more detailed explanation of the usage.

Yours project admin ... ;)

Posted by Christoph Sandhaus 2008-06-02

Facilites of version 0.0.3

Hi out there,

with version 0.0.3 vcf2csv approved a lot and some bugfixes are done. In particular the new filter option makes it possible to drop selected type while converting. Take a look at the summary at

Within versions below 0.0.3 there was a needless space in the result, if line folding is detected inside the source vcf. This bug is fixed. Also a segmentation fault is fixed, if large types (i.e. PHOTO) are used.

Next I have to write a lot of comments inside the source code. And maybe add some features. I think about:
- a convert wish list:
instead of only dropping types, declare a list of types, assume a list of types to convert
- do some content conversion:
for example, if you want to change the version from 3.0 to 2.1, modify the content by something like this:
-m 'VERSION:3.0\tVERSION:2.1'
But this is a complicated part, because changing the version may require to drop some not included types.

What do you think about?
Feel free to contact me at
sf [AT] draupadi [DOT] de


Posted by Christoph Sandhaus 2008-04-23

First Release

The first release of vcf2csv is done.

It works, but straight forward. The program will quit on any error and gives a small hint what happened. Feel free to mail to me and send this information. It would help if you briefly summarize what happened.


vcf2csv -i <input file>

The input file is a vCard file, the output is printed to stdout.

The first row of the output contains the used types of the vcard file.... read more

Posted by Christoph Sandhaus 2008-04-01

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