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#8 SDL OpenGL Rendering Patch

Generic (7)

I wanted to be able to use sizes >2x along with
filtering options, and OpenGL was what came to mind. I
tried to make the patch portable across OS's, but it's
only been tested on Linux and is submitted on a "works
for me" basis.


  • El Pelos

    El Pelos - 2005-01-29

    Logged In: YES

    Good work , you made me learn a lesson about open source:
    "don't let code rot in your hd".

    Some months ago I added opengl support to visualboy I didn't
    release a patch because I wanted the code to be good/clean

    Your patch failed in configure , it checked 3 times for
    opengl support (it might have been my fault since I don't
    know patch too well) , anyway I used the from
    my patch (I just modified to do my patch I
    think there's no need to alter as you do in your

    I used glTexImage2D instead as glTexsubImage2D , there's no
    difference on performance (at least on my machine) , but
    glTexsubImage2D allows non power of two updates so this is
    where your patch beats mine.

    With your patch when you switch to fullscreen the whole
    screen remains black , check the case of CTRL+F in void

    To project maintainers: I think ethermage's patch is ok , I
    will gladly add any feature I miss in this patch , like
    linear / nearest filter selection , custom resolution
    selection , keep aspect ratio ...feel free to sugest anything.


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