#36 Patch to fix acinclude.m4 for automake 1.8 and higher


As of Automake 1.8 warns about underquoted calls to AC_DEFUN, this patch corrects acinclude.m4 to follow the new behavior and remove the warnings when running the "aclocal" command.


  • galtgendo

    galtgendo - 2007-03-30

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think the correct "patch" would be deleting acinclude.m4 all together. At this moment this file should not be needed on any sane system. As far as I can tell it provides:
    AM_PATH_SDL - provided by sdl.m4
    AM_PATH_SMPEG - not only provided elsewhere, but not even used in configure.in
    and older version of libtool macros, provided by libtool.m4 and at this time not used by configure.in - maybe it would be a good idea to change that, as it could lead to simplifying build process, at least it should be possible to stop recompiling of all core files when building both sdl and gtk version.


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