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Valkyrie Module 2.5 Released

Seems the project is not that inactive as we thought...

Changes :
52) Support Metahuman_Body tags as non-root and multi-accurences of it.
53) Check adding DNI to implanted decks.
54) Add Cyberdecks to limbs
55) Nice feedback in case CCOC cannot be instantiated.
56) Clean bugs from Fading Credits
57) SIFF compliance
58) Export Effects to NSRCG

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2004-06-09

Valkyrie Module goes Inactive

On 8/12/2002 (Sunday), I (Carmi Grushko) am going to be drafted to the Israeli army, for a period of 3 years; thus I will be unable to maintain and improve Vaklyrie Module, which led me to change its Trove categorization to "Inactive". This said, Vaklyrie Module is nevertheless in a highly developed state, implementing virtually all features that were desired.

Project takeover - I may reluctantly agree for someone to become the head of the project; contact me if interested.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-12-06

Valkyrie Module v. 2.4a Released

Two issues reported by Hobgoblin are fixed -
1) The Limb Wizard will try to preserve children of limbs when changing limbs.
2) Path conflicts are once again reported.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-14

Valkyrie Module v. 2.4 Released

1) Persistency - replacing things like eyes and limbs : Valkyrie will try to preserve its accessories.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-13

Valkyrie Module v. 2.37 Released

1) More Wizard-related bugs are now fixed.

2) Single-click is enough for selection in

3) Little tweak - Metabolic Arrestor is now
incompatible with the Guardian Angel.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-12

Valkyrie Module v. 2.35 Released

Valkyrie Module is a dedicated implant management system for characters of the Shadowrun RPG (and a little bit more).

1) Lots of fixes and tweaks to the wizards -
they don't crash anymore (oh yeah) and they're
more convenient.

2) XML-Engine related: more information is written
into Vaklyrie's native XML format; in the future
it will allow other programs (and XSL/XSLT) to
use more data.... read more

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-10

Valkyrie Module v. 2.31 Released

1) Fixed crashing when clicking on "Find Path" in cyber-system wizards.
2) Added Skull branch into the limb wizard.
3) Fixed Body attribute bonuses when having cyberlimbs.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-07

Valkyrie Module v. 2.3 Released

The only dedicated physical body management software for Shadowrun characters.

Now with three Wizards - to ease the work with limbs and cyber-systems; accessible through the Tools -> Wizards menu.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-11-06

Valkyrie Module v. 2.21 Released

1) Libraries: yep, exactly. Will allow full creation of items, including Fields and Accessories.

2) Nanite-Hive and Nanite-Hunters now can both specify a custom target-nanite name (simply type it in), and both can be selected from a drop-down list (click on the drop-down button on the right).

3) The idea with fast-adding full limbs will be called "Wizards". If nobody minds, of course :). So, we have the limbs wizard, and biomonitor and smartlink wizards. Any more ideas ? I'll start programming it sometimes tomorrow, I suppose (have to get some rest).... read more

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-30

Valkyrie Module v. 2.2a Released

An exe-only release to quickly fix problems that were reported in the Dumpshock Forums. Simply replace the exe with Valkyrie.exe.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-29

Valkyrie Module v. 2.2 Released

Valkyrie Module manages the physical aspect of Shadowrun characters; support includes all cyberware, bioware and nanoware from "Men & Machine: Cyberware". Now pretty much covers all related rules. And... it's the only one of its kind.

1) A few bugs fixed; Search can be used once again.
2) Full Nanoware support

Also, a new mailing list was created to ease monitoring of Valkyrie Module releases, even for non-SourceForge users. It will carry announcements that are related to Valkyrie Module.
Subscribe at: read more

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-29

Valkyrie Module v. 2.1 Released

Valkyrie Module is an implant management system for Shadowrun characters; it deals with almost all aspects of cyberware/bioware according to Men & Machine: Cyberware.

The new version fixes some bugs which could lead to crash.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-22

Valkyrie Module v. 2.01 Released

A little new feature - the Add Item menu is now broken every few items so it will fit on the screen.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-20

Formatted XDOM v. 2.1 Released

Sort of a "plugin" to the XDOM by Dieter Koeler (, which allows "formatted" or "pretty" XML output. Used by Valkyrie Module when saving XML files.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-15

Valkyrie Module v. 2.0 Released

[Shadowrun related software]
Released version 2.0, now featuring interesting new goodies like the ability to add custom items (items that were not coded into the program)

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-10-15

Valkyrie Module v. 1.89b Released

I strongly recommend all users to upgrade to this interim version, as it fixes problems in the Save/Load engine that date back to about Version 1.3. These problems usually led to a crash. In a few days I'll release Valkyrie Module 1.9, which will feature a new Search engine and other goodies. In the meantime, it's better not to play around with the search engine; Other functions should work as expected. Thanks to Xiris for his bug report which led to an entire inspection of the save/load engine.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-08-07

Valkyrie Module v. 1.8 Released

Version 1.8 of the implants management system for Shadowrun is out !
Now much more refined - much less bugs, faster, less memory required, more convenient, and now with full Bioware support.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-07-31

Additional components for Valkyrie Module, v. 1.0

A new release, additional components that are required for Delphi to compile Valkyrie Module

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-07-15

Valkyrie Module v. 1.7 Released

Shadowrun related: A dedicated cyberware management system for Shadowrun characters, version 1.7.

Now with much improved Property Editor and several tweaks in the Engine.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-07-11

Valkyrie Module v. 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the dedicated implant manager for Shadowrun characters is out, now with Effects feature - Valkyrie now reports enhancements to attributes, such as Body (Dermal Plating 3 increases Body by 3 points).

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-07-04

Valkyrie Module v1.5 released

Valkyrie Module v1.5 is now released (
This is a milestone in the development of Valkyrie Module - practically all aspects of cyberware have been implemented. Now I can turn to Bioware and Nano-tech.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-06-30

Valkyrie Module v. 1.4

Released Valkyrie Module v. 1.4, the dedicated cyberware management system for the RPG Shadowrun.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-05-23

Valkyrie Module v. 1.31

The dedicated cyberware editor for the RPG Shadowrun, v 1.31

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2002-05-14

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