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Posted by Anonymous 2005-07-01


It's now possible to donate to virtual-qmail project. Donations can be made via MoneyBookers - It's a very easy process. As a receiver e-mail use paweln at, or new at

Donating to this project means more options, better quality, more frequent releases.

You can also request features (donating for features gives them highest priority). ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-12-08

Intergration with qmail and qmail-patches

After some (well, quite long) break I'm thinking about
new version. I've already done some changes to the source.

Yesterday I thougth about including qmail and qmail-patches (
into Virtual Qmail.

Why? What will that give us?
Intergration, may be specially modified qmail.
Automatic installation (GUI installator?).
Adding to vq tcp/ip sockets and we have a quite
powerful software.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-17

What about threads? (and some info about current changes)

I divided pgsqlauthd into two separate parts: daemon (master - keeps connections, loads dynamically server's
code), (did same with pgsqllogd).

At this time daemon forks child for every incoming connection.
I think about better connections' handling.
One of ideas is to use threads, and also make vq's
libraries threads safe. What do you think about it?
Does anyone need it?

Some things will be done in near future - I want
to create cdaemonvq class, programs will be linked
only with this library and all operations will be
done by daemon. This will cause that only daemon
will have to run setuid as vq. Also this will
allow to listen on TCP connections :-)
Yup, distributed and easy to maintain hosts' farm.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-01-20

Version 4 Released

- Moved from libpq++ to libpqxx, need to install this library;
- Upgraded code using Sablotron, this requires newest version (1.0).
- Many bugs fixed (especially with playing with qmail files);
- Special programs for changing qmail files (better privilege separation);
- Changed tables used to store login information;
- Added module for vqwww that allows to browse login history;
- Changed parameters passed to XSLT (uri is now called REQUEST_URI);
- Translated vqwww into English, language can be selected at the login.
- Better documentation.
- Better error reporting.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-25

Developers wanted

Things I would love to see in next release but don't have time to do it myself:
* support of other databases (i.e. Sap-DB, Oracle),
* support of postfix, sendmail (mta-s hackers with some spare time come and help me :-),
* new modules for vqwww, it thinks the most important would be tmda support (let users kill spam!).

If you have some spare time and think that one of those features would
help you, come and help!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-15

Packagers wanted

thanks to improvements in the current version, all configuration stuff was moved to configuration files.
Nothing special is set while compiling so it's possible to create
packages with compiled software.

Because I don't have time to create and maintain precompiled packages I'm looking for people that
could help.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-15