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Two new parsers added.

Since the preview tarball, a parser for old style ES&S nkc files and, much more recently, a parser for PDF Diebold SOVC files have been added to CVS. The latter requires the Text::PDF perl modules -- just the basic ones a.k.a libtext-pdf-perl to Debian users. Much of the work involved in creating this parser will be very reusable for other PDF file formats.

I think this justifies another preview tarball. Note the reason I am staying in "preview" mode is that even an alpha release should have some sort of build/install system. Since at least so far, we are working entirely in Perl, that means just checking dependencies and deciding how to place the files on the system. Someone is badly needed to pick up the slack in that department, and we could use a documenter as well.... read more

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-03-02

Freshmeat URL

URL for our new Freshmeat record:

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-01-27

Got Web.

Many thanks to dqueue for pulling together a few pages to make us presentable. Do check out the links section for the Board of Elections Formats taxonomy -- this page in our website will be the focus of considerable community effort.

Freshmeat announce going out tomorrow afternoon.

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-01-27

Preview tarball uploaded.

See the "files" section for a tarball containing initially checked in scripts and docs. Not much in the way of release notes yet, sorry, but those who know a bit of Perl and want to get a better gist of what we are doing might like to take a look. Parsers for three formats are already available and will work well for those that know enough to massage their output to match their needs.... read more

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-01-25

Addendum to initial commit

Browsing CVS being broken at the moment, which is probably just because we are so spankin' new, the two module names for cvs checkouts, for anyone who wants to check it out, are "project" and "web".

Also feel free to drop by, where I'm squatting channel #uscvprogs

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-01-19

Initial commit is in CVS.

Initial work to date has been committed to CVS. Three file formats have parsers that are nearly complete now, though a standard for what the parsers output is still pending. An email list, uscvprogs-general, has been created. Webpage work should begin in earnest this weekend.

A big thanks to dano and dqueue for helping this along, and thanks as always to SF for their continued services.

Posted by Brian S. Julin 2005-01-19

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