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Read Me

uGet 1.10.5 (stable)
01. Fix GnuTLS build problem. (--with-gnutls)

uGet 1.10.4 (stable)
01. aria2 plug-in support magnet
02. Add GnuTLS support (configure --enable-gnutls)
03. Fix: uGet unexpectedly exits with large list of urls.
04. add and update translation files.

uGet 1.10.3 (stable)
01. Add new download option - "mirrors".
02. Change hotkey, Shift+Delete to delete data, Ctrl+Delete to delete file and data.
03. Change logo and icons.
04. Rearrange menu items.
05. Add & update translation files.

uGet 1.10.2 (stable)
01. Display "unnamed URL" if no filename specified.
02. Add new hotkeys: Enter, Shift+Enter, Delete, and Shift+Delete.
03. Don't assign filename even if program accept '--quiet' argument.
04. Hide aria2 console window in Windows platform.
05. Program can build with gstreamer-1.0 (auto detect by autoconf).
06. update Italian translation file.

uGet 1.10.1 (stable)
01. Restart download if aria2 response "speed was too slow".
02. Don't assign filename if user doesn't specify it by commandline or UI.
03. Show error message if uGet can't connect to aria2 on startup. (about 7 to 10 sec)
04. Add "Website by: Michael Tunnell (" in about dialog.
05. Fix: program doesn't save/restore summary visible settings.

uGet 1.10 (stable)
01. This version need GTK 3.4+ and GLib 2.32+.
02. Add global speed limits for aria2.
03. Add new option "Retrieve timestamp" in Download dialog.
04. Add new option "User Agent" in Download dialog.
05. Add Commandline Settings for some FlashGot users.
06. Add setting option "Apply recently download settings". (Enable by default)
07. Change aria2 default arguments to "--enable-rpc=true -D --check-certificate=false".
08. aria2 plug-in use argument "continue=true".
09. aria2 plug-in can use user specified filename.
10. curl plug-in disable peer SSL certificate verification.
11. curl plug-in can keep user specified filename.
12. update French translation file.
13. Fix: program crash when user deleting files.
14. Fix minor bugs.

Usage change:
If user does specify filename, plug-ins will use this filename.
otherwise plug-ins will decide filename from remote data.

aria2 (v1.5) some arguments that can't pass by XML-RPC, you must add below
arguments in Plug-in settings by yourself.

"--disable-ipv6=true"   Disable IPv6. (Fedora user may need this)
"--load-cookies=<FILE>" Load cookies from FILE (Firefox3/Chrome/SQLite3 format)
"--check-certificate=false" Disable verify the peer using certificates.

If you have trouble when you use uget with aria2 (Fedora...etc), I suggest that
user run aria2c in terminal with argument "--enable-rpc=true" first. If you got
"failed to bind port 6800", try to add "--disable-ipv6=true" and run aria2c again.
If it works, add "--disable-ipv6=true" to Arguments entry in Plug-in setting.

Other useful arguments:
"--save-cookies=<FILE>" Save Cookies to FILE (Mozilla/Firefox(1.x/2.x)/Netscape format).

aria2 plug-in in uGet v1.10 use below 2 arguments by default:

"--continue=true"       continue downloading a partially downloaded file.
"--remote-time=true"    retrieve timestamp of the remote file.

Some users want to use uGet with FlashGot quietly. In the old nGet you
must add uGet as new download manager and set commandline arguments in
FlashGot. Now the new Commandline Settings is a easy way to do this.

uGet apply download settings from category by default but some users
want to use recently download settings when creating new download.
The new option 'Apply recently download settings' is for this case.
Note: The recently download settings will be discard when you quit uGet.

How to disable uGet AppIndicator support:
Search <AppIndicator value='1'/> in $HOME/.config/uGet/Setting.xml
and set value='0' to disable AppIndicator. This is function is for
Ubuntu GNOME users who want to use original tray icon logic.