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Fireworks project added

Added a source code of Fireworks - an ieee1394 (Firewire) stack for Amiga family of operating systems. Currently the project is in the development stage.

Posted by Pavel Fedin 2006-12-15

ezTCP source code open on the CVS

Since i've got a partial amount from the bounty i maximally follow the rules and i provide the full snapshot of the ezTCP v0.15 (not finished, under development) in the CVS in "ezTCP" module.

Posted by Pavel Fedin 2005-12-07

ezTCP SDK source code is available

The source code of SDK is available in the cvs in "ezTCP" module. Other parts will follow upon bounty completion.
Currently SDK consists of some updated include files and two static link libraries: libnet and libsana2. Libnet is an important part, it contains commonly used UNIX functions which are absent in AmigaOS/MorphOS.
libnet was originally compiled with SAS/C (as net.lib), now it is developed using GCC. Not all parts are ported (especially level-1 I/O). Compared to original net.lib some new functions are added: random(), srandom(), fcntl() and getppid(). Note that getppid() is valid only for MorphOS and AROS, parent process data is not available on m68k (and probably AmigaOS 4).

Posted by Pavel Fedin 2005-11-08


Usergroup.library separated from ezTCP project and source code is made availible. ezTCP will omit all this "emulated multiuser" support so the only use for this library is to provide compatibility with ixemul.library which doesn't recognise the networking stack currently it it can't open usergroup.library.
Status of the code:
Current usergroup.library code is 95% portable accross all Amiga-alike OSes. Currently it builds out of the box for MorphOS, support for other OSes can be easily added. If anyone wishes to become a build maintainer for his OS, please feel free to contact me.
SAS/C support currently won't work out of the box because the code is restructured. I left smakefile as it was because SAS/C is at some points better than gcc for m68k-amigaos, so support can be easily restored.
passwd and group files access functions won't work and will return error because they rely on netinfo.device which was not worked on at all. Current state seems to be enough for 99% of the existing applications. In fact my opinion is that netinfo.device is a misdesign and the code should be included into the library. If you need this, you are free to do this. Currently i'm busy with ezTCP so i can't carry out any significant development of this library. netinfo.device's source code is availible within AmiTCP 3.0b2 source package on
You could also look at a thread on MorphZone (, it contains some ideas about into what this library may be turned.

Posted by Pavel Fedin 2005-09-30


A ezTCP project is now officially a part of Unmorphos. Source code will be availible upon bounty completion.

Posted by Pavel Fedin 2005-09-13

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