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Top 3.7 is released

Top version 3.7 is now available for download. There are significant internal changes from 3.6.1, and some nice changes to the display as well.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2008-02-27

Top 3.7beta3 is released

There have been many changes since beta2, some of them significant. I consider this a release candidate. If there are no issues then I will release this as 3.7 in about 2 weeks.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2008-01-21

New subversion repository now available for top

I have created a mirror of my internal development svn repository for top that is available for public read-only access. This repository stays up-to-date. Thus it is possible that code contained in the repository will not compile or will contain bugs. It is a working copy. The main trunk can be accessed here:


If you checkout one level higher you will also get all the revision branches, which may be more than you want.... read more

Posted by William LeFebvre 2007-11-28

Top subversion repository removed from Sourceforge

Regrettably I have had to disable top's subversion repository on SourceForge. The way I was trying to use the repository was not consistent with the way that SourceForge is set up. I am hoping to find another place where I can host the repository in a read-only manner.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2007-09-11

Top-3.7beta2 is released

The latest version of top is now in beta test. This version includes many changes to the display and internally. Too many to list here. Most changes impact only Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux ports. Please help test it.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2007-09-11

Top 3.6.1 is released

Top version 3.6.1 was recently released and is now available for download. This maintenance release includes some important bug fixes for Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2007-05-03

Top 3.6 is released

Many changes from 3.5. Uses gnu configure script, supports ANSI color, updates to memory statistics provide more consistency in the information, updates to most modules, many bug fixes. Unfortunately I have had to temporarily remove support for MacOSX as it is too difficult for me to support at this time.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2006-04-08

Top 3.6beta5 is released

If nothing else comes up within the next two weeks this will become release 3.6. Changes this release: Minor changes to eliminate warnings from the Sun Studio compiler. These were mostly sloppy argument declarations. I also added message.h to provide an interface file for just the message related functions of display.c.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2006-02-16

Top 3.6 beta3 is released

Changes in this beta:

Set up a color tagging mechanism in color.c to allow for the dynamic creation of tag names to contol color highlighting. These names are partially derived from the tags used to label memory and swap information on the screen, thus are driven by the machine module itself. Added -T option to list color highlighting information. Help screen now includes the actual list of sort order names. Incorporated some minor fixes to the main code from the Freebsd source tree. Fixed bug #1324582. Freebsd 5: removed WCPU column and added THR column. Display for freebsd 4 and earlier unchanged since they don't track threads in the kernel. Added LICENSE file to distribution.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2005-10-24

Top 3.6 beta1 is released

This is the first beta release for version 3.6. There are significant changes from 3.5 and a large number of changes from the last alpha release. See the Change log for details.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2005-09-26

Top 3.5.1 fixes a vulnerability

A vulnerability has been discovered in top version 3.5 which may allow for unauthorized access on systems where top is installed setuid or setgid. Top version 3.5.1 fixes this vulnerability. ALL users and package maintainers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to top 3.5.1 as soon as possible.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2004-11-29

Top 3.6 alpha8 is available for public review

A pre-release copy of Unix top version 3.6 is now available for public downloading and review. This is version 3.6alpha8 and can be obtained only via ftp from the following location:

Posted by William LeFebvre 2004-10-22

Top version 3.5 released

Top version 3.5 has finally been released! Copies are available on sourceforge and at

Posted by William LeFebvre 2004-02-23

Unix top 3.5rc1 released

This is a release candidate for top version 3.5. If there aren't any significant problems with it, I will make it the official 3.5 release.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2004-02-02

Unix Top 3.5beta13 released

As the first step in updating this popular program, I am releasing the current copy of the source for top 3.5. In the coming weeks this should become the final 3.5 release. Beta13 includes updated modules for freebsd, linux, and AIX.

Posted by William LeFebvre 2003-12-16