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Mecca.war with Live Database

We hereby release the latest package of mecca.war from the CVS/Mecca2 project folder. Find this as under Download of WAR,JAR and Others package.
A MySQL database dump to work on this war is in Database Dump package as

Posted by Redhuan D. Oon 2006-12-16

Mecca-Tomcat Package Version 1.1 Release

Mecca-Tomcat Package Version 1.1 is available with latest enhancements in the Bursary Module such as FIFO Payment, Student Refund, Sponsor Invoice & Payment, Bursary-Student Report, etc. Download it today and implement with the latest dbdump released.

Posted by GAN MH 2006-03-06

Latest MySQL DB Dump Release

Download the latest MySQL database dump in the file released section; run it with all the new implementations; enjoy your University ERP setup today!

Posted by GAN MH 2006-02-27

Integrated DB based Library System Release!

We have upgraded the OnLine Library System from file based to MySQL based database application. Besides, we also improved on the User and Navigation Interface for a better and organized experience.

The new Library System is now integrated to the students database. It also manages its Books and Loans Database in the same MECCA University ERP that you use.

Please download from the File link. Setup instructions can be found in the HowTo file and tutorial attached.

Posted by GAN MH 2006-01-20

Integrated Time Table Module Beta Release

We have released the Time Tabling Module into the CVS (University/Mecca2).
It is integrated to the Student Information System DB such as Students and Subjects.
This is a time table scheduling that tries to manage according to certain set constraints such as available slots and classrooms.
It can generate timetable schedules just like what a student expect to receive for their classroom schedule.
Eventually we try to progress it to as smart as possible. Add your name to this cool project by chipping in. More info and Howto is at

Posted by Redhuan D. Oon 2005-12-27

On-Line Library System Release

Our On-Line Library System Release 0.1 is super litewit without using any DB but a File System to store information of membership, loan and library resources. Use as a standalone on Windows system. Java and JSP source available in CVS.

Please download from the Files link.

Posted by Redhuan D. Oon 2005-12-22

Access to "Live Project" was closed.

Due to our client's private data that are available in the project forum, we have made the decision to close the "Live Project" forum. We are sorry about this inconvenience and we should think about this first before trying to make anything that has connection with our clients as public.

Never before, in line with "Open Source", a commercial project forum:

Posted by Shamsul Bahrin Abd Mutalib 2005-11-17

Access to Live Project Forum

Never before, in line with "Open Source", a commercial project forum: is for all to study, from conception and follow its near completion, timestamped, no holds barred. Forum is locked for project members only. Any comments pls write in

Posted by Redhuan D. Oon 2005-10-31

University Student Information System

The features list for the University Student Information Management System has been made available here:

Some of the features listed there has flash tour (a movie) for a sneak preview.

Posted by Shamsul Bahrin Abd Mutalib 2005-05-19

University Latest Source Release

We have release a new source as we have done some spring-cleaning session, thanks to Abrar. The environment for this release has also changed. It is now using JDK1.5, Tomcat 5.x and mySQL 4.1.

Oh yes before I forget... There is a new module to play with also, the LCMS. The LCMS is based on SCORM 1.2.

Have Fun!!!


Posted by Shaiful Nizam 2005-03-10

University Project set to FREE the World!

The University Project is created when contracted RED1 to port its successful flagship applications such as E-Learning, Knowledge Management, University ERP to Open Source. In-Fusion runs online courses for Universities and Insitutions in Malaysia and other countries. Here we wish to state some of its strategic roadmap. We welcome collaboration from you. Be associated with another high-worth project from :)... read more

Posted by Redhuan D. Oon 2005-01-05