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Release 0.80 is out

Release 0.80 of the game manuals is out!

This release includes:

* A completed DeltaVee, including vector-based graphics (clearer no matter what resolution they're displayed in) based on the original graphics. It also includes all of the additional spacecraft and pod types, rules, and scenarios from "DeltaVee Enhanced".

* The online debut of the Adventure Guide. This document contains sample encounters (human and nonhuman) and accidents, as well as a starter adventure, "Lost on Laidley". We're still working on the graphics for this one; they're larger than the ones for DeltaVee.... read more

Posted by Jim Goltz 2005-02-10

Version 0.75.3 released

Version 0.75.3 contains, besides the usual crop of minor corrections, some additional material for the GM Guide and DeltaVee from from "DeltaVee Enhanced", an article from ARES magazine. New spacecraft and pod types are included. The GM Guide material isn't complete yet, but the DeltaVee part is.

Posted by Jim Goltz 2005-01-28

Release 0.75.2 out

More minor corrections. You can probably expect a few more minor releases.

Posted by Jim Goltz 2004-12-16

Version 0.75 released

Here it is: the initial release. So far we only have the GM Guide (for all users) ready for distribution, but look for more very soon.

Posted by Jim Goltz 2004-10-15