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UniVeCS 0.0.1 Released

The initial pre-alpha tech demo release of the Universal Vehicle Combat System is now available. This release includes a simple demo client that illustrates some hex map rendering and manipulation.

The cross-platform client installer is available at:


For more information on the 0.1.0 feature roadmap, consult the project wiki.

http://univecs.wiki.sourceforge.net/Release+0.1.0... read more

Posted by Texan 2008-11-27

UniVeCS Kick Off

UniVeCS, the Universal Vehicle Combat System, is a project to produce an extensible framework for turn-based strategy games involving battles between one or more players controlling any and every type of offensive vehicle, real or imagined.

The initial phase of the project will concentrate on setting scope and putting together a rough project plan in the project Wiki. We will also be sketching out the software architecture and start looking at the game rules engine.... read more

Posted by Texan 2008-10-07