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Version 0.97 (Windows) is out

Lots of news; first and foremost, version 0.97 is out (only for Windows at this time, sorry folks) which mainly deals with the playback "lag" that many users have reported experiencing.

Second, I'd like to welcome our new developers; lovenemesis, pano9000 and razrfalcon to the team (which remains me, if you're interested in helping out just let me know and I'm sure we'll find something for you).... read more

Posted by Ori Rejwan 2011-06-21

Version 0.95 is out

Well folks, it's official, UMP version 0.95 is out now! This version includes over two dozen bug fixes, much stabler version of MPlayer binary and includes the long awaited Mac OS X distribution.


Posted by Ori Rejwan 2011-05-23

Version 0.92 is out

It's official, UMP 0.92 is out now. We've incorporated many of the bugs / feature requests submitted to the forum / tracker.

Major release notes:

1. Fixed picture quality
2. Fixed playback speed
3. Fixed YouTube UNICODE bug
4. Fixed UNICODE file name bug
5. Fixed player resize bug
6. Fixed player flickering bug
7. Incorporated 'Play directory' context menu
8. Updated binary codec pack
9. Converged MPlayer binary (multi-thread)
10. And much more...

Posted by Ori Rejwan 2011-03-30