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Reviving the project

After not doing new official releases for a few years and new people joyning the development team this summer, we just started adding new features and bugfixes again.
Trunk now builds on Windows with current ffmpeg and using lazarus+fpc as compiler. For instructions on how to build the project on Windows, click here.
Changing to the new version of ffmpeg fixes many known UltraStar Deluxe bugs in newer versions of Windows and adds support for more video and picture formats.
Based on a patch submitted to this project years ago, we also begun implementing a neat JukeBox feature wherer you can just start a playlist (or all songs) and either enjoy the music or sing to the lyrics which are shown on the screen. No notes or ratings are shown in this mode.... read more

Posted by Stefan L. 2015-08-18 Labels: ffmpeg World Party bugfixes HowTo

ffmpeg 1.0 and 1.2 working


With the latest commits, ffmpeg 1.0 and 1.2 work on Mac OS X and probably also on linux.

Have fun with testing.


Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2013-12-16

ffmpeg-0.9 on linux: working

ffmpeg-0.9 is now working on linux. Thanks to nl for his feedback and patience. Where are you, windows testers? MiSchi is waiting for you on the irc channel #ultrastardx on irc.quakenet.org :-)

Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2013-05-17

import of old svn repository to new one.

Hi. Please use the new repository at http://svn.code.sf.net/p/ultrastardx/svn/trunk

Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2013-01-04

ffmpeg 0.8: version check fix

The version check of the libs failed on ubuntu, because of a strange selection of version by ubuntu. building should work now.


Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2012-10-29

ffmpeg update

old versions < 0.7 should work again, according to the ppc macosx 10.4 buildbot. ffmpeg-0.11.* has alpha status. tests needed. best to start with linux. the update was huge and i expect some syntax errors and typos.


Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2012-10-20 Labels: ffmpeg

Want to support USDX?

Hi there.

This project has a huge user community and there is a wide range of activities, where you could support the project. More than half of the tasks do NOT require developer skills. Help there enables the few developers to concentrate on coding. Contact the developers (for example mischi) in the irc channels #ultrastardx on irc.quakenet.org and irc.freenode.net

Forum and Wiki moderation:

Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2012-10-07

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