#26 Computer Car Crashes


I played my game on Windows XP. I downloaded the Windows installer program and installed the game following the on-screen instructions.

After this, I ran the game. On the game I chose a Lamborghini Diablo as my car and acropolis.track as my track. I decided to add a computer player to race against, also choosing a Lamborghini Diablo for the car. I then selected ‘Drive’ in order to start the race.

When the track had loaded and the cars were ready to drive, I pressed the up direction button to accelerate the car and it seemed that the computer player accelerated also. I drove the car for about 5 seconds until a left turning approached. I took this slowly and continued around the track until I reached a zigzag in the road and finally an road travelling uphill. At this point I was slightly ahead of the computer so I accelerated increasingly towards the hill which turned out to be a jump from one bridge to another. I took this jump with no problem and continued to speed down the road. After about another five seconds I could see that there were two obstacles in the road ahead and to avoid these obstacles I would have to swerve around them. I did so slowly and continued. It wasn’t until about 10 seconds later that I realized that the computer was no longer racing (the blue dot had stopped on the map).I ventured back to check it out and it seemed that the computer had drove straight into one of the obstacles and therefore crashed and ended his race. I thought this to be a bit weird so I decided to start the race again. I did all the same things as I did previously, except that this time I made sure I was behind the racing computer. As we approached the obstacles again, I watched as the computer drove straight into one of the obstacles.

The fact that it had happened twice is quite a serious problem so it came across me that it might have been the actual track or car that was causing difficulty so primarily I decided to change just the car. This time, I chose the Ferrari F40 for myself and the Ferrari Spider for the computer. Once again, the game loaded and I raced the course up until the obstacles appeared. Again the car just drove straight into one of the obstacles and the race for the computer was over.

I tried to race against slower or different cars such as the Jeep Wrangler, the Lego Car and the T Ford. The result was that the Jeep Wrangler crashed into one of the obstacles, the Lego Car couldn’t even make it over the jump bridge and therefore crashed into the wall (again ending the race) and the T Ford flipped over on the first turn and crashed out of the game. So it seems that it isn’t just the obstacle that is causing the computer to crash, the computer just crashes whenever it races.

After trying all cars on this track and realizing that some way or another the computer crashes, I thought that the next sensible thing to do was to change the track. I decided to choose clifftest.track with the two original cars (Lamborghini Diablo) for me and the computer. I started the race and immediately there was a right turning. I took this with ease and continued to do the course with no problems. I took two more rights before going up a hill and headed towards what looked like a cliff. There was a tight left turning around a cliff edge which I took extremely slow before continuing round what seemed like more cliff edges. After about ten seconds, the computer player behind seemed to have stopped again. I went back to check it out and realized that the computer had crashed once again, however this time by falling off the cliff. So I started the race again and ventured behind the computer for the whole race. As we approached the cliff the car just seemed to fly off and crash into the wall. It seemed necessary to try other cars to race against so I did. I tried several other cars such as the Ferrari Spider and the Ferrari F40 and each time the cars simply flew off the cliff. I can’t seem to race against the computer for an entire race!! With the exception of the T Ford (which again flipped at the first turn), every car drove off the cliff and stopped.

I didn’t stop there though and decided to test every track. I made a decision to test each track with one computer car only (there isn’t much need to test all the cars again because it’s proven that if one car crashes, they all crash).

So I tried all the tracks with the computer driving a Lamborghini Diablo and the results were:

All the tracks worked fine except:

Acropolis.track (explained above)
Clifftest.track (explained above)
Mountain.track (the computer car drives straight into the first wall)

Therefore only these tracks need fixed.

From doing these tests, it seems that the T Ford needs to be fixed also as it just flips at the first turn every time.


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