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UJAC 1.1.0 released

This release fixes some issues regarding font handling, especially with line breaks. This release breaks compatibility with JDK 1.4. as it makes use of generics and enums. It also moves from the good old ant to a new maven build process.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2012-10-14

UJAC 1.0.0 released

This release fixes all known issues from the release candidates. The main features are improvements of 2D-Barcode output and floating layout of form fields in PDF documents.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2008-09-14

UJAC 1.0.0-rc2 released

This release fixes the bugs which has been reported since the release of rc1. To all users of this library: Please perform intensive checks to make sure the final version is working properly for you.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2008-05-27

UJAC 1.0.0-rc1 released

This release fixes some bugs which has been reported since the release of the last beta. Once more I'm inviting everyone to perform intensive tests to make ensure a a high quality 1.0.0 version. The release date of the final 1.0.0 version will depend on the number of discovered bugs in the release candidates.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2008-04-21

UJAC 1.0.0-b3 released

This release is supposed to be the last beta version before entering the release candidates. Everybody is invited to test it intensively, as I like to release a high quality 1.0.0 version.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2008-03-15

UJAC 1.0.0-b2 released

This release is the second step towards the upcoming final 1.0 release.
It mainly fixes bugs from the previous release
but also implements some important performance
improvements as well as some useful new features.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2008-03-01

UJAC 0.9.27 released

This version primarily resolves problems, reported since release
0.9.26 earlier this year. It fixes incompatibilities in
behaviour with the old version 0.9.25 and gains compatibility
with iText 2.0.5.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2007-10-01

Moved UJAC from CVS to subversion

I've recently moved the UJAC CVS repository from CVS to subversion. The CVS repository is still switched on since there's no difference today, but will be turned off when the first commits have been performed to the subversion repository.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2007-02-27

UJAC 0.9.25 released

This release mainly fixes some nasty bugs, which have been discovered since 0.9.23 and had not been completely fixed in version 0.9.24.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2005-05-29

UJAC 0.9.23 released

This release upgrades to iText version 1.3. I've added some new features like the TemplateInterpreter component and style support for the print module. Additionally this release brings many enhancements of existing features - expecially in the print and chart module - and fixes some bugs which have been reported since the last release. See the change log to get more informations.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2005-05-12

UJAC 0.9.22 released

This release upgrades to iText version 1.2.3. It brings some enhancements and bug fixes for the print module and shows a significant progress in the implementation of the web framework. For more informations read the change log.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2005-03-07

UJAC 0.9.21 released

This release upgrades to iText version 1.1.4. It fixes some bugs from 0.9.20 as the broken white space handling and brings back full compability with JDK 1.3.x. For more informations read the change log.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2005-01-22

UJAC 0.9.20 released

This release switches to an official iText version (iText1.1.1) again.
It fixes some issues discussed in the forum like XSLT related problems or in font handling.
It also contains a significantly enhanced version of the built in web application framework. A small demo application shows the capabilities of this new feature.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-12-26

UJAC 0.9.19 released

This release fixes some bugs with DocumentTransformHelper class, which was added with the last release and solves some other reported problems. It also ships the latest itextpdf version (itext-paulo-141).

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-11-23

UJAC 0.9.18 released

This release adds better support for XML transformations at the print module and fixes some charting problems.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-11-04

UJAC 0.9.17 released

This version fixes some bugs, released with the last version. If you're not happy with 0.9.16, give this one a try.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-10-22

Home Page Redesigned

I've released a revamped home page, designed by Berni Spro. Berni thanks a lot for the new funky look ;-)

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-10-22

UJAC 0.9.16 released

This release adds tons of new features and fixed lots of bugs from previous versions, not only UJAC but also itext, which is included with release itext-paulo-139.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-10-13

UJAC 0.9.15 released

This release adds some long awaited features like lists in
table cells. To make this possible this version uses the
itextpdf version, maintained by Paulo Sorares, because this
one supports more advanced feature than the current *official*
version of iText.

Futhermore the some attribute quirks have been fixed. The
'leading' attribute specifies the fixed leading of content lines
now. This one is added to the relative leading which is
calculated from the line spacing factor and the font size. The
vertical spacing before paragraphs can be specified by the
attribute 'spacing-before', the new attribute 'spacing-after' rules
the vertical spacing after the paragraph. These spacing rules
are implemented for all text containers, supported by iText.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-09-16

UJAC 0.9.14 released

Improved TOC support for the print module. Now not only chapters and sections are supported but phrases and table cells. Also the navigation from TOC entries to the TOC items is supported by linking them with anchors for those document positions.

Added support for horizonal rules between header/footer and the page contents.

Also like in every release, several bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-09-01

UJAC 0.9.13 released

Fixed the handling of table cell attributes.
Added support for attribute 'keep-together' at <paragraph> tag.

Added more operations to the ExpressionInterpreter.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-07-22

UJAC-UI 0.9.6 released

Fixed performance problems at the TextArea widget.

Added support for CTRL+L key binding. This one opens a small
dialog which enables to define the line at which to navigate to.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-07-06

UJAC 0.9.12 released

Changed handling of vertical document spacing by consequently replacing fixed leading distances with relative line spacing.

Added more operations to the ExpressionInterpreter.

Added the possibility to tell ReportGroup instances to keep their rows together in order not to split them across differnet pages.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-07-06

Mailing lists added

I've recently added two mailing lists for this project.

ujac-discuss: Discussion of UJAC development issues
ujac-support: UJAC user and support issues

These lists have also been made available through GMANE ( (ujac-discuss) (ujac-support)

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-06-11

UJAC 0.9.11 released

This release introduces two new main features to the print module: AcroForms support and graphical operations. AcroForms allow you to define input forms like HTML forms inside your PDF document. The new graphical operations allow the output of primitive objects as lines, circles, rectanges, polygons etc. to the PDF.

Also a lot of bugs, that have been reported since the last released version of UJAC, have been fixed.

Posted by Christian Lauer 2004-06-05

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