#17 Mission Pack Style Level-up Messages (Without H2MP)


When H2MP is loaded, in addition to the message that appears when you gain a level, it states your HP and Mana increases for that level and plays a sound. I'm asking if this could be added to the standard game, so there's more feedback for level bonuses when the Mission Pack is not loaded. As H2MP makes some global monster changes (such as the first 2 spiders in Blackmarsh being incredibly strong versions) which can be quite undesirable in the original missions. (Although if such changes are unintended, that would be good to note as well.)


  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-04-24

    If I recall correctly, that information should be coming from HexenC code, so I must track it there. I might do this, however I can't promise right now.

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2012-07-24
    • status: open --> closed
  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2012-07-24

    This, I won't be able to do in the foreseeable future. Requires a dedicated HexenC developer which we don't have. Closing.


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