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uEngine 3.2 beta has been released.

uEngine 3.2 beta includes following enhancements:

- Process Designer can load multi documents when user clicks the process manager's process link (based on Java Web Start's Single Instance service)
- 'Transformer', which is can be added by clicking right mouse button in the link panel of the Mapper, has been added to adapt data formats or use many functions between source and target nodes.
- 'Database Mapping Activity' has been dramatically enhanced in Full CRUD( Create/Read/Update/Delete) mode support, Key Setting and auto where clause generation (by clicking 'Set as key' in the target node).
- Form validation support by using 'ValidationTransformer' that follows the same manner of general Transformer formerly mentioned.
- Custom WorkList filter which let the admin can store the filtering configuration so that all users can use the links in the worklist and instance lists for specialized view.
- Form editor includes more useful controls which excels the application development speed.... read more

Posted by jinyoung jang 2009-04-01

uEngine 2.1 has been released

Release Note for uEngine 2.1

- Dashboard portlet is added. now user can publish and decorate dashboards.
- Dashboard configuration which contains KPI and Time window settings is added.

. Form Management has been included
- FormActivity / HtmlFormContext / FormHandler is added for this feature
- User can draw business forms in the FckEditor based form designer
- Form fields can be mapped by process variables in process designer / FormActivity
- Form result (a html document) can be stored in the Document Library Portlet in Liferay... read more

Posted by jinyoung jang 2007-07-25

uEngine 2.0.6 has been released

[BAM/Dashboard] Dashboard portlet is added. An admin can store his configuration of Analyzer result by clicking "Save" button on top of the analyzer portlet and can publish them by the dashboard portlet.
[Process View] Gantt View Mode is added
[Oracle Database] Bug fixed for getting current time. Time part was omitted in the previous versions.
[Performance enhancement] Changed to insert-only strategy for process variable persistence. It enhances the process execution performance about two times better in database operation.
[Globalization] It is enabled to show time differently for each user's time zone in the process portal.
[Work item handler customization] Bug-fixed for storing user changes in the form customization.

Posted by jinyoung jang 2007-06-09

uEngine 2.0.5 has been released

Enhancements are listed below:

1. More practical example processes are added<br>
- 'Mission Management' process is added so your company may use this process internally right now.<br>
- 'Trouble-ticket customized handler' version is added. This example shows how you can implement your own work item

handler JSPs.<p>

2. Process viewer is enhanced<br>
- Event handler execution view is enhanced so now you can see the details of event execution directly in the single ... read more

Posted by jinyoung jang 2007-05-10

uEngine 2.0.4-beta has been released

uEngine 2.0.4 includes new features and examples as below:
1. interconnection with BRE engine (JBoss DRools) with DRoolsActivity
2. Page-flow support for the same user workitem routing
3. The pop-up-styled subprocess drilling down in flowchart view
4. Several Bug-fixes including MSN messaging, EMail attachment, Date-type variables

Posted by jinyoung jang 2007-01-18

uEngine 2.0.2 has been released

1. Web Services functions are bug-fixed and enabled. 2. Several examples including Web Services are added. 3. Several Bug-fixes 4. UI Enhancements: Zooming flow-chart in initiate page and feedback line drawing.

Posted by jinyoung jang 2006-10-03

uEngine has been recommended by the Collaboration Loop

uEngine has been recommended as a good choice of Java-Based, Open-Source Collaboration Suite at the Collaboration Loop. check out http://www.collaborationloop.com/blogs/java-collaboration-suite-2.htm

Posted by jinyoung jang 2006-09-03

A couple of questions and answers on the new release

------- Questions

1) Where has the documentation gone ? is it in complete rewriting ?
2) How can we use uEngine to orchestarted web services? just by webservice invocations ?
3) What is your standard for process modeling ? is it derived from BPMN, UML or XPDL ?
4) If we want to replace MSN Messenger by Jabber or IBM sametime, is there a limit to do this ?

------- Answers

1) Yes, all the documents are being rewrited for current version of uEngine. Sooner you can find them. ... read more

Posted by jinyoung jang 2006-09-03

uEngine 2.0.1 has been released

The overview of the new release is as below:
[Enhancements in process variable system]

File / Document Typed Variables - file upload / download and launching and saving document files are very easily programmable using the new types of process variables.
Database Synchronized Variables - Designer doesn't need to write SQLs to synchronize their application data with process status anymore.
Role Bindings or Process Instance's properties can be dealt as process variables -
[Worklist / Workitem Handlers]... read more

Posted by jinyoung jang 2006-09-03

uEngine 2.0 rc has been released!!

Finally the result of past 12 months is revealed through the new release - uE 2.0! uEngine has been undergone several real projects during the period and greatly improved in its workflow patterns, reliability, and performance. Check it out right now by dowloading the 2.0 rc!

Posted by jinyoung jang 2006-06-16