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Release 1.0-alpha

1.0-alpha has been released. Note that this only has the low-level library and is not recommended for use. It can be downloaded on the SourceForge downloads page or from the project web site.

Posted by Chris 2009-05-31

Getting ready for alpha

I am busily prepping for 1.0-alpha, which provides a working low-level library. I hope to have it out tonight...

Posted by Chris 2009-05-31

Done moving to mmap

All the current functions have been moved to mmap. An alpha release is coming up. The final release may be later in June, due to the fact that I have end-of-the-year exams and have to get my wisdom teeth out. Not going to program on vicodin...

Posted by Chris 2009-05-30

Moving to mmap

While UDS is optimized for reading from on-disk files, it should be able to read from in-memory data as well. Thus, read functions will be migrated to read-from-memory, and mmap-based open and close functions will be provided. As the read functions are incomplete anyway, this should not delay the planned release by much.

Posted by Chris 2009-05-24

Writing is now possible

After some tedious work and annoying frickin' Heisenbugs, the UDS low-level library can now write files. Coding has commenced on reading, which should be much easier. Expect a release around 6 June.

Posted by Chris 2009-05-22

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