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PLEASE USE THE FORUM (udpxy.com/forum) to submit bug reports, feature requests and ask udpxy-related questions.

Thank you.

ПРОСЬБА КО ВСЕМ использовать ФОРУМ (udpxy.com/forum) для создания ошибок, запросов на новые функции и просто вопросов по теме приложения.


Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2012-06-29

Project website is up, so is UDPXY FORUM

The website for the project is up at www.udpxy.com and you are welcome to visit. I also invite everyone to the as-new-as-the-website discussion forum at http://udpxy.com/forum.

Открылся веб-сайт проекта на www.udpxy.com, куда я приглашаю всех зайти. Также приглашаю зайти всех желающих на (столь же новый, сколь в вебсайт) ФОРУМ на http://udpxy.com/forum

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2012-06-29

Build 21 is out

The main point of the build was to combat the infamous 'defunct' issue with UDPXY as well as instability under FreeBSD.

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2011-11-25

switching over to subversion

starting with Build 20 of Chipmunk

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2011-06-18

build 20 is out

Build 20 (18-Jun-2011)
(*) FIXED: player sends last request's traffic to any client with invalid request;
(*) FIXED: unsupported HTTP requests (those that the parser does not handle) are denied [ID: 3294265]

(*) Added UDPXY_SREAD_TMOUT, UDPXY_SWRITE_TMOUT evn parameters to set read/write timeouts on HTTP server's socket;
(*) Added UDPXY_HTTP200_FTR_LN, UDPXY_HTTP200_FTR_FILE env parameters to allow appending 1 line or contents
of a text file to HTTP 200 (successful request processing) response;
(*) Added Content-type entry to HTTP response;
(*) Added conditional compilation of udpxrec - use NO_UDPXREC=yes make [mode] to *NOT* build udpxrec into the udpxy

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2011-06-18

Max clients set to 5,000 (five thousand)

The old sanity check allowing to specify only up to 16 udpxy clients (using -c option) has been upped to 5,000 (five thousand) in Build 19.

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2011-01-09

support for non-colon ip/port separators adde

Requests to UDPXY may now use a variety of separators, such as +-^~% - to make the application work together with VDR and other shells/apps restricting the usage of colon character.

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2011-01-09

udpxy 'Chipmunk' Version 1 released

The first version of udpxy has been made a release. The name 'Chipmunk' is for the branch of the development that will keep the product slim and running on devices with limited resources (where it began). Resource-intensive features will go to other branches (yet to come).

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2008-06-04

udpxrec - MPEG-TS stream recording tool

udpxrec - a stream recording tool - is now part of udpxy. The application is embedded within the udpxy executable and is to be invoked through a soft link (BusyBox style). udpxrec records captured stream as MPEG-TS; additional transcoding (to MPEG-PS) is required to play back the recorded stream (vlc provides transcoding functionality).

Posted by Pavel Cherenkov 2008-03-24

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