Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine / News: Recent posts

Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine Site Launch!

After a bit of work, a completed site is now available for viewing at http://udengine.sourceforge.net
As the project progresses more content will be added to show off the features of the engine.

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-26

Sound Module Source/Binary Release

In the past two days I have released the full sound module source, and binaries. This is the integration of the music and sound effects portions into one easy to use module. Any bugs/coments/questions please post them!

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-26

Past 2 Weeks...

I've been away for the past 2 weeks, hence the lack of updates. Look for a full sound demo, and beta release of the sound module source with documentation within the next week.

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-25

SoundFX Demo Release

The first glimpse of the Universal Domination RTS Engine is here, the coding on the sound portion of the game has begun while details of other areas are being worked out.
This is a source code release, and contains all source files in the engine thus far and a VCPP project file. To compile you will need the DirectX SDK installed and configured for use with VCPP.
An executable version has also been released if you do not want to compile the source code yourself.

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-05

Class Structure Doc Release

First design document is here! Either download the .doc version under the documents package or view it (with the graphics a little messed up) in the Docs section.
The doc contains a class tree that gives a general layout for the core of the engine.
Updates to this document will probably be regular as coding challenges reshape the design.

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-05

SourceForge Kickoff!

This is a wonderful place to host my project, thankyou SourceForge.
Watch for lots of updates during the coming months, some design details are still being fleshed out, but some areas have begun to be coded.

Posted by Paul Dovydaitis 2002-08-05