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UCCASS v1.8.1 Released

This latest version of the Unit Command Climate and Assessment System (UCCASS) adds support for multiple characters sets to include UTF-8, BIG5 and Shift_JS (among others). This new feature allows the use of international characters such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic within your surveys and answers.

Posted by John Holmes 2005-05-31

UCCASS v1.8.0 Released

UCCASS is a PHP based survey system that allows unlimited surveys, questions and answers. Results are shown in simple bar graphs, tables or can be exported to CSV files. Questions can be hidden or required based upon answers to previous questions and can include answers to previous questions in the text (called Loopbacks). v1.8.0 adds access control for all surveys. Access to create, take, edit and view results of surveys can be limited to specific users (by username and password or email invitation), cookies or IP address.

Posted by John Holmes 2004-11-08

UCCASS - PHP Survey System v1.06 Released

I found a couple bugs and another was brought to my attention so I decided to do another release. Changes are as follows:

1) Fixed a bug that would add page breaks to multiple surveys when adding a page break to one survey. The "ghost" page breaks could mess up dependencies and interfere with question order on other surveys.
Files Changed: survey.class.php

2) Fixed bug so that timing data was removed when the answers were cleared from surveys.
Files Changed: survey.class.php... read more

Posted by John Holmes 2004-07-20

UCCASS v1.05 Released

UCCASS v1.05 is officially released with a lot of improvements over v1.04

Download the new version here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=109356&package_id=118090&release_id=252964

Changelog here: https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=252964

Documentation here: https://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=23764&group_id=109356

Discuss any issues with installation or anything else on the UCCASS forums at http://www.bigredspark.com/forums/... read more

Posted by John Holmes 2004-07-14

Updated v1.04b Patch

I updated the v1.04b patch to include table prefixes in the queries. New UCCASSv1.04b.2-patch.zip file was uploaded and old patch was removed.

---John Holmes...

Posted by John Holmes 2004-06-03

UCCASSv1.04b-patch released

This patch adds support for a new "table" view of results where each person's results is shown on it's own table row. It also adds support for CSV export of results.

Posted by John Holmes 2004-05-29

UCCASSv1.04a-patch released

Click on the "patches" link for the 1.04a patch. It fixes two previous bugs that were reported and adds support for a 'Show' dependency that's useful for MM-type questions.

Posted by John Holmes 2004-05-29