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Beta now live!

The Ubuntu Optimizer 2011 Beta has just gone live. The beta is entirely stable but we hope to add more features soon. The Alpha version is also now available,thought it has never worked. The Beta is based on a complete structural rewrite on the Alpha.

Posted by Dominic Weir 2011-01-17

Programming Begun

Coding has begun in earnest. And whilst the listed featured are comprehensive at the moment we are hoping to add more. And we are have penciled in a release date of the 15th of February 2011. The release will be made once Ubuntu Optimizer 2011 version is stable and fully tested.

Posted by Dominic Weir 2011-01-15

Planning Begun

Planning is now under-way and programming will begin within a week.
We are planning to release a fully featured and functional program mid-to late February 2011.

Posted by Dominic Weir 2011-01-14