Seagate DiscWizard doesn't work in 3.2

  • Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson - 2005-02-08

    I can't get the Seagate DiscWizard to run in version 3.2,  It starts into DOS, jumps into a gui for a few seconds then gives me three choices, all of which land me back to a C:\ and tell me to reboot.  I downloaded the bootable CD from Seagate and it works great so I think it is a problem on the UBCD.  Great tool anyway let me know if I am an idiot for not figuring this one out on my own :)

    • Victor Chew

      Victor Chew - 2005-02-11

      Do you think you could customize the CD to launch Seagate DiscWizard using diskemu or bcdw instead of memdisk, and tell us whether it works?


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