#46 Annoyances


As a thief you don't get any bonuses for stealth or in
stealing items from a store. Several of the abilities
in the game have no purpose at all. The artisan class
isn't even attainable by any character in the game.

I don't like the weapon lore/Item lore cheesy stuff,
just make a counter. The more you use the skill the
better you get at it. That's how it should be for many
of the skills.

Maybe it's just me but many of the runes you can make
don't seem to do anything at all no matter what your
skill in rune lore is or the item you use them on.
Also, you can't stack more abilities on an item. It's
either inscribed with one rune or another.

-Item Destruction
Why do you like to destroy crap so much? You accidently
step into the water, your item is destroyed! You
accidently step into the fire, a few of your items
were destroyed! Fire imp casts fire on you, he
destroyed 5 items! You read the scroll of drowkcab
sentences, some random item is distroyed. You read the
scroll of jibberish, many of your items are teleported
all over the screen. You find a trap. You try to disarm
it but you accidently trigger it and a flame spell
drains half your life and destroys your weapon.

As if the item destruction stuff doesn't make you
paranoid enough to save every 2 seconds, the cursing is
way too often. Your item is cursed! You can't take it
off. To remove it you have to read a scroll, but you
need the literacy skill or your screwed. You could
always get lucky and find a heavy manual which teaches
you literacy, but, oh wait, you can't read. What's the
point in a heavy manual of literacy then? The potion of
literacy is the only alternative, good luck finding it,
and when you do be sure to save or you might just
scatter your items or poison yourself testing scrolls
to see if you can find something to uncurse it. Holy
water is in pretty low frequency too.

Change the probability of having an item cursed.

- Weight
If you pick up items and there are several different
items in the same area you can pick them all up if you
have enough room in your inventory for the top item.
Cursing shouldn't drastically effect the weight you can
carry, but I think it does.

-Item Identification on Death
To see what items I have all I have to do is start
kicking people in town after I save.

Once a townsman kills a monster or chases it, after the
monster is dead they walk onto the blood pool and never
move again.

You can shoot things in a dungeon not matter if there's
a wall in front of you, or you can see them, or not.

-Money Cap
There's a money cap of 50 gold for selling things.

Praying only works twice, once to identify your items
and again to give an item. It's better not used in the
beginning. I haven't seen any other alters.

Two characters can get stuck if they meet at the doorway.

-Rune orc
If the auto map generator makes a verticle room with 1
width, you can just jump behind the rune salesman and
wait until he keep moving him forward until he's out
the door.

-Game script
You can't access it after you just died.

Kill one person in the town and the whole town becomes
aware. This is especially annoying in a dungeon where
there's non hostile monsters and a store because if
your an archer shooting a bunch of goblins that are
walking around it's easy to kill the identical looking
NPC on accident.

There's a dungeon that's like 10 floors long and
there's rarely any food that fills the character that
is dropped.

In the beginning it's easy to die if you get assaulted
by a bunch of rock throwers or magic users. The magic
users mainly because they destory half your items in a
few turns. Bugs are almost impossible to hit sometimes.
Jumping on them would be a good idea for damage.

Pickpocketting sucks. You can't get anything decent
except from the lady at the Inn to start you out with
some arrows. The rest are either impossible to steal
from or have stupid stuff like a million apples. The
only ones to get something decent from are the healers
in the town, but their stock of items to steal doesn't

There's nothing good in the towns enough to get a lock
pick. Usually you can just kick down the door without
anyone noticing. Kicking it down makes a lot more
sense, especially in dungeons.

There are some places that have doors but 1 square of
space behind them.


  • Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson - 2005-01-23

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    Thanks for the feedback. A few of these changes are going
    into 0.326.

    Some of the others are more like feature requests,
    particularly around the skills/runes. These things are
    definitely on the agenda, but will take a bit more time to
    get right.

  • Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson - 2005-02-11
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