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tXtFL 2 released

tXtFL 2 adds full leagues and seasons to the strategy-based football simulator. Now you can join different leagues and create new seasons, coaching your team through the playoffs to the final championship. American, Canadian, collegiate, and Arena leagues are included by default, each with its own set of rules. Player and team management has been completely reworked around a database system, where you can load your own entire leagues via spreadsheets and micromanage with free database editors. Many bugs have also been fixed for a smoother and more accurate football experience.

Posted by David Young 2010-10-18

tXtFL 1.1.3 released

tXtFL 1.1.3 has been released on the heels of the start of football season 2010. This release brings updated season stats as well as fixes for network play and overtime scoring.

Posted by David Young 2010-09-19

Pre-release: tXtFL 2 beta1

The first beta release of tXtFL 2 includes seasons that now culminate in playoffs and the tXtFL Bowl. Leagues are organized by conferences and divisions, and teams vie for playoff berths as divisional or wild-card winners. New leagues and rule-sets can be loaded by spreadsheet, and Arena tXtFL has been added as a standard league alongside Canadian, collegiate, and tXtFL. Seasons can now also be customized by length.

Posted by David Young 2010-09-03

Pre-release: tXtFL 2.0 alpha4

tXtFL 2 is nearing beta status with the final release of the alpha series. alpha4 incorporates new leagues and rule-sets for Canadian and collegiate football. The pre-release also has database checks and backup to ensure compatibility between releases as the database evolves. We are now packaging pre-releases in installable packages for ease of use and in preparation for the upcoming beta version.

Posted by David Young 2010-07-05

tXtFL 1.1.2 released

Awhile back tXtFL 1.1.2 was released as a bug-fix for team drafts and a few other minor bugs. We're transitioning to the tXtFL 2 series with a beta release on the horizon but wanted to make sure we back-ported fixes into the trusty 1.x series with this release.

Posted by David Young 2010-07-05

tXtFL 1.1.1 released

If you've downloaded players only to find their stats missing, you'll want this maintenance release. tXtFL 1.1.1 of the strategy-based football simulator fixes many bugs, including player stats downloads, spreadsheet import fixes, and game play stats accumulation. Automated games can now be processed more easily through a tool now accessible from the interface. The answer choices table also no longer inadvertently fools you into making the default choice by missing your selection. And when you cancel a quit, it won't quit!

Posted by David Young 2009-11-18

tXtFL 1.1 released

I realized that I posted when tXtFL 1.1rc1 was released, but never for the final product! That was actually released back in September, and a new point release has just been made (more on that later). In the meantime, what's new in the football simulator are updates to links for 2009 season stats, along with support for 64-bit platforms. That way you can get the latest stats whether you're running on Windows or the latest incarnation of MacOS!

Posted by David Young 2009-11-15

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.1rc1 (2009 stats)

Now you can stay up-to-date on the new 2009 football season with tXtFL! This is just a pre-release, but I wanted to make sure to get it out ahead of kick-off for the 2009 season. Not a whole lot of changes other than links to 2009 stats (which won't really be available til kick-off) as well as support for 64-bit platforms on both Linux and Mac. I'm also building in Java Web Start support, but this won't be available until the database gets integrated somewhere down the field.... read more

Posted by David Young 2009-09-09

tXtFL 1.0 released

tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. Teams can be created from real stats on the web, built through custom designed plays, and then used to predict scores and games through automated or manual simulations.

Version 1.0 brings many new features since 0.9.2. The graphical interface underwent an entire overhaul for a more pleasant and mouse-driven experience. Users can click to choose plays, and a new integrated browser brings full web access, score celebrations, and a redesigned Game Guide. One-step creation of teams and players through the Draft utility allows new users to get the simulator up and running right away. An online news bulletin and software update notification system alerts the user of tXtFL updates, including new web statistics for an upcoming season. Under the hood, the libraries have been updated for Java OpenJDK 1.6 compatibility, the simulator is supported on Mac computers, and the game engine has been further optimized for added realism.... read more

Posted by Dmitri 2009-02-17

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0rc1

The tXtFL football simulator 1.0 is finally reaching candidate final form with the rc1 pre-release. The Game Guide has been updated to reflect the new interface and includes an integrated news bulletin for all the latest online announcements from the simulator team. Sample football teams have been refreshed with new names and a few new players.

The goal of this pre-release is to apply the finishing polish before 1.0. Please download the pre-release and upload your feedback!

Posted by David Young 2009-01-27

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0beta3

The number of changes incorporated since our last tXtFL 1.0 beta release compelled us to release a final beta for further testing prior to our release candidates. This beta3 includes a simplified Draft mechanism to download all team and player statistics in one step, a software update notification system, and fixes for missing players by incoporating benched and filler players.

A basic game stats aggregator, currently for compiling quarter scores, has been included for importing results from multiple games into statistical analysis spreadsheets or software. This utility can currently be run only through the "--stats" option to the run.sh testing script, with plans for analytical expansion in future releases.

Posted by David Young 2009-01-15

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0 beta2

As a playoff treat, a new tXtFL 1.0 beta build has been released. And in honor of the wild-card games today, beta2 has just that wild-card feel with almost all the features planned for the 1.0 release. The tXtFL 1.0 playoffs begin next as beta builds bow to the 1.0 release candidates.

New in beta2 are context-specific automatic Game Guide viewings, where the Guide has been split into several pages that load according to game play. Score celebrations highlight touchdowns, much like X's and turkeys highlight strikes in bowling. And for season fanatics, game summaries are now saved to file so that you can track your favorite team's wins (and losses) and pertinent player stats.... read more

Posted by David Young 2009-01-04

2008 Season Stats Available Through 1.0 beta1

Just a quick note: Season 2008-2009 stats are available through the latest 1.0 pre-release. If you're looking to play with the latest crop of players, please download the latest pre-release:

Have fun on the field!

Posted by David Young 2008-09-25

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0 beta1

The trek to tXtFL 1.0 continues with our first beta release. This 1.0-pre-release is similar to alpha2, but now the new graphical interface has been deemed of "beta quality" after more extensive usage testing.

One new feature is the ability for automatic game play: choose the number of games you'd like to simulate, and tXtFL will play entire games. This automation tool is a work in progress and will be critical to evaluating and improving the football game engine.... read more

Posted by David Young 2008-09-15

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0.0alpha2

The second of our extended series of football simulator pre-releases on the road toward tXtFL 1.0 has been uploaded. alpha2 focuses on tXtFL Draft improvements, including a new mouse-driven interface based on the main simulator's new interface. The Draft utility also sports a new integrated browser to make downloading stats more intuitive.

The Game Guide has also undergone a face lift to fit the new integrated browser and provide a modernized look. Scripts have also been improved for running on a Mac system, and a .dmg build has been included for brainless launching.... read more

Posted by David Young 2008-02-21

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0.0alpha1

The first of many pre-releases on our road toward tXtFL 1.0 has been posted. alpha1 incorporates a new layout, including a mouse-driven interface and integrated browser. (For those of you who prefer the command-line, it's still there, too.) The SWT library has also been updated to

Download the pre-release here:

Posted by David Young 2008-01-14

Roadmap to tXtFL 1.0

A rough roadmap for tXtFL 1.0 has been posted on our wiki: http://txtfl.wiki.sourceforge.net/tXtFL1Roadmap

Our road to 1.0 is an extended release process consisting of many milestones. We hope that you'll download the pre-releases and chime in on your experiences so that 1.0 might be as polished and fun as possible. Thanks!

Posted by David Young 2008-01-14

tXtFL 0.9.2 released

The tXtFL strategy-based football simulator integrates team management with play calling for all armchair football coaches. Teams can be updated from real stats on the web, built through unique plays, and then tested on the field.

This new version comes with a new stats sensing engine, some AI improvements, and many bug fixes. Game testing alongside real games have helped make the game more realistic than ever before. There's still much room for improvement, but now player assignments, play choices, and actual outcomes on the tXtFL sim better mimic the games on TV...or at least on the browser!... read more

Posted by David Young 2008-01-03

Pre-release: tXtFL 0.9.2rc1

tXtFL 0.9.2rc1 is the product our bug hunting sessions based on simulations during Week 16 football games. Several bugs were ironed out, and the AI was tweaked to improve realism during offense play calling and pass/rush probabilities. Player substitutions have also been implemented for unfilled positions to utilize a wider array of players.

This release includes the installer build for the Windows-compatible package.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-12-24

Pre-release: tXtFL 0.9.2beta1

tXtFL Draft continues to be the center of attention these days in our football simulator, and this pre-release wraps up the remaining major (known) issues with automatic team and player creation from downloadable statistics. I hope you'll have a chance to give it a spin and subject it to the wild-card race and your fantasy or coaching aspirations.

Mac users will also notice that this pre-release includes our first official Mac package of tXtFL, built on the Mac binaries of the SWT graphical toolkit. It's currently for the tech-savvy, as you'll need to launch it from the command-line, but look out for streamlined packaging in future releases.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-12-11

Pre-release: tXtFL 0.9.2alpha2

Alpha2 may be the first usable pre-release of the upcoming tXtFL v.0.9.2. This new alpha build features full player and team stats downloading and updating. Roster depth orders are also now implemented.

Known issues include some confusion by ambiguous player names and the unavailability of punter stats.

See here for changelog and download details:
https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=62594&package_id=213226&release_id=556568... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-11-26

Pre-release: tXtFL 0.9.2alpha1

The first pre-release of the 2007-season-capable tXtFL 0.9.2 (alpha1) has been released. A new statistics sensing mechanism has been included to streamline player download and creation. Several game play bugs have been fixed to add more realism and in a few cases keep the show rolling (ie "show-stopper" fixes).

Team downloading is also being updated but at the moment does not yet integrate with player creation.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-10-18

tXtFL 0.9.1 release and tXtFL Bowl 1.0

After a 2+ year hiatus, tXtFL is back in the game. This release of tXtFL, a strategy-based football simulator, makes team and player creation easier and more customizable. The game AI has also been enhanced, and many statistics and other bugs have been fixed.

To celebrate the new release and the upcoming Super Bowl XLI, we are launching tXtFL Super Bowl 1.0. For each day of the week preceding Super Bowl XLI, we will play one game pitting the Chicago Bears vs. the Indianapolis Colts. The games will allow us to test our game model while also making quasi-predictions about the big game.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-01-31

Calling testers for upcoming tXtFL 0.9.1 release

We are on the verge of releasing v.0.9.1 of tXtFL, and we need your feedback! The new version includes an all-new graphical Draft tool for creating new teams and players. "Coaching points" and player skill can be customized for each team or player. We've also tweaked the AI and fixed many statistics bugs.

Please download a copy of beta1 and submit bug reports or make comments in our forums.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-01-24

tXtFL 0.9.1beta1 released

tXtFL, the teXt Football League, is a strategy-based football simulator. This release features a graphical interface for drafting new players and creating teams. Players include customizable human playing skills, such as "hands" or "feet," that influence play probabilities. Teams can assign "coaching points" to simulate training emphasis. The game model has also been tweaked for greater realism in passing and kicking plays, and many statistics bugs have been fixed.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-01-19