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txt2xml: parsing text to xml / News: Recent posts

txt2xml version 1.3 released

A major release featuring much simplified internals,
the introduction of a command line application, lots more
documentation, some important bug fixes, a properly working
RegexMatchProcessor and unit tests for the core.

Posted by Steve Meyfroidt 2002-05-12

txt2xml version 1.2 released

Added a GUI config tool to interactively edit txt2xml configurations and see the effect of changes immediately. Also some bugfixes and more documentation.

Posted by Steve Meyfroidt 2002-05-09

First release of txt2xml!

txt2xml is a simple Java library for parsing arbitrarily structured text input into well-formed XML output as SAX, DOM, JDOM, or through an OutputStream. The project was inspired by "Using SAX to Read Other Formats" by Claude Duguay in "XML Magazine" March 2002.

Posted by Steve Meyfroidt 2002-04-27