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PHP version and Java version ?

Anyone interested in a PHP version and Java version of tXs ???

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-11-28

C# version : v6.0

It is now possible to describe files to be generated using models where some parts have to be replaced : XHTML pages of a same web site, reports, ...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-10-05

C# version : v0.5e

Minor bugs corrected and some improvements added.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-04-01

C# version : v0.5d

Batch execution of all TXS scripts in a folder and its sub-folders.
Ready for Internet site compilation !

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-03-25

C# version : v0.5c - SVG to PNG

A new command has been added to convert SVG to PNG using Inkscape.
So, generated SVG data can be compiled to PNG bitmap file. It can be used for Web Site generation.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-03-08

C# version : v0.5b

The source file has been migrated to an XML notation to be transform with TXS itself...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-02-26

C# version : ASN.1 server

An ASN.1 interface will be added so ASN.1 messages will be converted to an XML format and, then, treated as if a WebService was called.
A simple LDAP server will then be developped as an ordinary TXS file. It will be used to concentrate contact informations for ThunderBird or Outlook Express.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-02-08

C# version : reengineering of the source file

The C# source file is currently completely rewritten using an XML notation.
This task will permit to generate parts of the command interpreter directly from the defined commands which will be more and more numerous.
Finally, it will be possible to save a subtree representing a C# source as an EXE file when the C# compiler will be called by TXS. So, TXS will be needed to compile itself...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2007-02-02

C# version : v0.5

New elements for files and folders manipulation have been added so TXS can, for example, be used for batch file conversion.

TXS is also compatible with FireFox Portable so it can be used on an USB key.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-12-19

C# version : v0.4

The XML script language now includes orders to manipulate XML documents loaded by a previous page call. The storage management enables to store a single XML document from a collection of text files and to update it while the minimal number of files are rewritten.
This release is complete enough to start to build an application requiring some storage, the size depending of the global memory size.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-11-26

C# version : v0.3

Tiny HTTP server OK.
ZIP writing and folder reading capabilities added.
A more complex XForms sample with backoffice treatment.
Some french files...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-11-10

C# version : v0.2

TXS v0.2 can now be used for batch execution even if its main purpose is still to be an HTTP server with XML script interpretation. The txs-init.txs file automatically starts the HTTP server and FireFox...

Next version should include a folder loader into XML format. If it works, it's a good candidate to store data in flat XML files within folder and sub-folders, so without any database. It is also necessary, for the version after, to zip a folder and obtain an ODT or a DOCX file !!!

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-10-31

C# version : v0.1

All minimal functions are present in this version. Tests have be performed with FireFox and XForms plug-in. Samples and documentation will be added later...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-10-28

C# version : v0.1 beta

Almost everything in this beta file : the HTTP server is operational and the script engine is working.
The POST management has to be improved for XForms and the script engine is not secured for modified data in case of system crash

Posted by Alain Couthures 2006-10-25