#19 Friends & Followers list improvements

Kaity G. B.

This patch includes many improvements to listing friends & followers,

All friends & followers are now displayed, not just the 1st 100, it now goes displays all of the users friends or followers respectfully. The lists are also now sorted alphabetically so it is actually possible & even easy to find the friend or follower you want to direct messages or view their status updates for, through Twitux's 'View->Friends' window.

Both the direct messaging dialog and 'View->Friend' window are now correctly disabled/dimmed while the followers or friends lists respectfully are loaded & sorted. The cursor now also correctly changes to a 'busy'/'watch' cursor while the list are being loaded and or parsed. Of course it now also changes back correctly once the lists are loaded. In addition a status message is displayed in the status bar while Twitux is busy. Of course every thing is reset & enabled once the sorted lists are loaded.

I have also extended how the user preference for 'display user names vs screen names' effects expanded messages. So the selected option, ie the user name or screen name, appears there as well. So expanded messages no longer always display the screen name.

There are multiple memory & performance improvements included in this patch as well. Some deprecated files have been removed. & etc. A lot of lil tweaks that are all worth while and improve Twitux performance I'll save every one from going into every lil improvement.

Twitux, with these changes in place, can be downloaded from my git repo on github. Twitux can be downloaded at http://github.com/uberchicgeekchick/twitux/tree/master/

This patch includes my fixes and improvements that I submitted in patch [ 2648731 ] DMing_friends+memory+lang_fixes+changlog @ https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2648731&group_id=198704&atid=966544 - here I will try to address the issues that bpepple had with my patch.

First I hardly have the option of only submitting each lil change given the patch management options in subversion. Regardless its not difficult to have my patch only apply to certain files & skipping whatever isn't exactly to your liking.

As for changing variable names the only one I can think of off hand is where I changed 'message' to 'tweet'. I ended up doing this while I was doing extensive work with the variable & forbid variable names are actually descriptive or make sense. Other wise I made all attempts to leave every thing as it was.

The same apply to the "coding standard" being used. I won't got into the countless source code that varies from any other "standard" that every one may be using. But that said I did attempt to do my best to program in the style that appeared most prevalant. Dispite the fact that this style is arbitrary & to be honest its rather ugly. As far as an style or standard form of code that my be in use, if it negatively impacts performance. That's a coding practice I won't adopt, for any reason.

I've done my best to attempt to submit valuable code, with useful & beneficial fixes. I have accomplished this. My patch includes improvements for users & programmers of Twitux. What ever upset you about my patch, well I don't get it. Yes there are multiple files effected which shouldn't be an issue. Either through subversion or if you're anal enough one can easily select what gets applied & what doesn't by editing the patch.

Lastly as for any role I could have played, if I could have selected out each specific improvement, fix, & modification I would have. However this isn't something I could do with subversion. Other than by editing the patch file manually.

The only conclusion I can make is that for some reason my act of programming so many fixes, improvements, and etc in a few days seemed to upset you. For what reason I still don't understand.

As for your statement that you're not going to put any precedence on importing my patch for whatever reasons. That's fine, I don't care if you even use it or not, let alone when. I'm saying this because I'm not going to stop working on Twitux while I wait for my patch to 'eventually' be imported.

I've tried to make valuable contributions to Twitux. I'd desired to be a valuable contributor to improving Twitux, and to be a member of the programming team. I still hope I could be. Though if not, that's fine, I have no desire to fork Twitux though if that is what the other developers would prefer over having me as an active contributor. That's your collective choice. This will be my final patch until I hear something more. Though I'll continue to work on various improvements, bug fixes, and eventually new features. All of which I will probably implement long before it appears would be preferred. My biggest goal is to add support for the open micro-blogging standard support and to add support for identi.ca & other instances of laconica. As well as future projects & service that will implement the open micro blogging standard. Hopefully one which will be better coded than laconica. That is what I will eventually be working. I am also going to be integrating Twitux into my GTK/GNOME based PHP IDE, its named 'connectED' and also on github. Though Twitux is not my only project and for now my focus will be else well until an obvious need or bug shows itself to me.

Hopefully my continued work will be a part of Twitux, though if not, than it will be on my as of yet unnamed fork.

I've said none of this out of spite or threat, I do indeed hope to be a member of Twitux's development team. Though I'm not going to just stop because what or how I contributed wasn't done in whatever way you would have seen as "the right way" whatever that even is. W/o having subversion access or Twitux using multiple git, or any distributed revisioning system. I submitted what I'd done in the way I'd been told after contacting Daniel and asking about making contributions and even directly mentioning many of the fixes in this patch as well as the fixed avatar patch that I submitted in the same manner.

What you do with my patch is up to you, whether you want any further patches from me is also up to you.

Other wise I will keep moving forward. Any one who needs to contact me can do so by emailing me at: uberchicgeekchick@opensuse.us - a working, stable, version of Twitux w/all of my improvements & fixes is available at http://github.com/uberchicgeekchick/twitux/tree/master as will any future work. If I you'd rather I fork Twitux than contribute to it that is also fine and I will rename my git repo and change to a new icon that I've implemented on my local openSuSE 11.1 install. If its decided that I should for Twitux those changes & announcements can be tracked through my personal homepage at http://uberChicGeekChick.Com/ or my GNOME Live! page at http://live.gnome.org/KaityGB or if any one wants, LOL, of course I'm on Twitter at http://twitter.com/uberChick

The beauty of open source, code truly is free as in freedom and at no cost. Liberty is one true freedom that should never cost any one any thing. Not one's principles, freedom of expression, nor our freedom to congrigate & colaborate though freedom's do at times have to be fought for, even when uncomfortable or unpopular. I've personally fought for much more vital freedom's than just my freedom to share *my code*. Given so its about time I at least stood up for my right to share my programming w/*all* who may benefit from it. Whether that benefit is small or large.

I feel I've addressed all of the issues that I can. Any underlying issues that there may be with me being a contributor to Twitux is not any thing I can address.

& So I wish all every one the best w/hopes to be a part of Twitux's future. Above all I hope all who read this are feeling & doing as wonderful as possible. Best wishes to all for the clarity or critical and skeptical thinking.

Goodness its hella past my bed time. Like 12hrs past. Its been worth it & hopefully I will again be a valuable member of an open source project I believe in. Other than those where I'm already the 'lead' programmer on. Though if that is where my future leads than so be it. Either way thnx to the innate freedom of OSS I have more than enough to be excited about.


  • Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales - 2009-03-02

    I'm really confussed.. is this the same patch that was posted before: #966544?


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