#372 XDS state is not saved in 9.12


Between runs of tvtime, closed-captioning state is
saved (good) but XDS decoding state (I want it on) is
not saved (not good). I believe XDS toggle state should
be saved on exit.


  • Billy Biggs

    Billy Biggs - 2004-01-14
    • milestone: --> Open bugs in CVS tvtime
  • Billy Biggs

    Billy Biggs - 2004-01-14

    Logged In: YES

    OK, personally I would like to ditch XDS completely. It's
    awkward and confusing in the source code, and XMLTV works
    sooo well. Have you tried using XMLTV?

  • Billy Biggs

    Billy Biggs - 2004-01-14
    • assigned_to: nobody --> vektor
  • Brian Beaudoin

    Brian Beaudoin - 2004-02-25

    Logged In: YES

    NOOOO!!!! XDS is absolutely indispensable for
    identification of recorded material ("forensic" or
    historical program information) from a videotape or another
    source for which the XMLTV information would be unavailable.

    It is at the top of my list of functionality I would like to
    see remain, at least until someone else (or myself) has the
    time to look at the code for cleanup and to use as a
    reference for implementing other features that may rely on
    the XDS information (such as parental controls).

    If tvtime implements hooks in the future to allow an
    application to use it for recording video, it would be
    desirable for it to preserve all of the XDS information that
    may be missing in the output. If the runtime and run length
    fields are implemented from XDS, a smart recorder could make
    sure that it never cuts off the last 5 minutes from a TV


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