#27 Tempo precision to decimal places -- sync to backing track


I am missing support for more tempo precision. I was looking at the code and trying some simple changes (I'm not a javist) and was not able to evaluate how hard that would be (UI widget seems to have an issue with non-integer values).

I want to play backing track along, I already have two tabs which are properly synced (they need initial track delay), one with integer tempo and one with decimal tempo.

Another related feature would be marking measures with some offset because I have two more examples which are getting out of sync with any tempo value I use. So overall these things would be needed to store somewhere (new version of TuxGuitar format?):

  • initial delay
  • path to backing track
  • measure offset/delay for tab playback correction
  • floating point tempo (or alternative tempo value just for playback)

Can somebody familiar with the codebase (backend, UI) think about this? I know a proprietary Windows software (Go PlayAlong) that syncs GP tab to backing track but does not allow editing. I don't really understand what needs to be updated to increase precision and support measure offsets.

Another additional feature would be slowing the playback down but that would probably be easy when all this is in place.


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