#13 Clonezilla complete lockup

Matthew M


Will try and give as much information that I think is relevant, more than happy to help troubleshoot this problem. So please feel free if anything more is needed. :)

I have a FAT32 formatted Memory Stick (PEAK III). I already have the latest download clonezilla, so select the iso from location on my hard drive. The memory stick contains no other files, and is freshly formatted in Windows. I have had this with a number of memory sticks. Of all different sizes and brands. This particular one is 2GB.

The Tuxboot installation completes, with no errors. I am running 0.5.

When rebooting and select the memory stick to boot from, the clonezilla boot loader appears, but the whole machine locks up. Will not respond at all.

Yet doing the same process with unetbootin, works perfectly fine. Though the clonezilla boot loader is not shown, just a basic text based one.

Have had this happen for sometime, I am booting on various different laptops. Acer, Lenovo, Asus.

Hope a solution / bug can be found as to why this is the case. :)

Best Wishes,



  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-10-14
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  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-10-14

    I believe this issue is more about Clonezilla. Did you try newer Clonezilla live, e.g. 2.2.0-8?


  • Matthew M

    Matthew M - 2013-10-18

    Hello Steven,

    Thank you for your response. I have indeed tried the latest stable and testing 2.2.0-8.

    Sadly, the more current versions do not show the boot loader at all.

    The stick has been clean formatted to FAT32. No other data is on the drive, and as I said in my previous post, unetbootin works but only shows a text boot menu.

    When selecting to boot from the USB stick. I receive the error message:

    "Missing operating system"

    Other users have also experienced this: http://gparted-forum.surf4.info/viewtopic.php?id=16430

    This also being an issue with Gparted.

    As said in the thread, doing it the manual way worked. But of course there is no manual way for Clonezilla, at least that I know of.

    Please feel free to ask me to do anything to help troubleshoot / test this. More than happy to do so.

    Kind Regards,


  • Matthew M

    Matthew M - 2013-10-18

    I forgot to mention that I used Tuxboot 0.6 on this occassion. Previously was 0.5

  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-10-30

    "http://gparted-forum.surf4.info/viewtopic.php?id=16430" -> It is more than 1 year ago. I believe the issue should be different.
    "But of course there is no manual way for Clonezilla, at least that I know of." -> What did you mean?
    The manual way is here:


  • Matthew M

    Matthew M - 2013-11-07

    Hello Steven,

    My apologies for the confusion in my last post. Please ignore that, I was unwell at the time and had forgotten I had done more than I thought. Thanks for correcting me, I have tried all known ways and these are my findings...

    To be clear I have tried these methods with clonezilla-live-20131029-saucy-amd64.iso and clonezilla-live-20131029-saucy-amd64.zip for the manual.

    I also tried clonezilla-live-2.2.0-16-amd64.iso but the same results occured.

    Windows Manual - All successful until trying to boot where 'Missing operating system' is displayed when attempting to boot from USB stick.

    • Tuxboot 0.6 (In my original post, I was using the latest clonezilla stables, available at the time)

    All other methods fail with exactly the same error message 'Missing operating system'

    • Unetbootin - 585 (It should be noted with previous Clonezilla versions, within the last couple of months, this usually works. But of course only displays the unetbootin menu, not the custom clonezilla one.

    • Linux Live USB Creator - 2.8.25

    All have been run as Administrator on Windows 7 SP1 x86 and FAT32 formatted.

    The ONLY method I have had full success with is with Rufus - http://rufus.akeo.ie/

    This includes it booting to the Clonezilla menu.

    Is there a parameter I can change / add to the manual method of installing Clonezilla to the USB drive for it to boot correctly?

    I am running the latest BIOS on my Lenovo L520. I updated it to the latest for this purpose, even though it was fairly current anyway. This issue is not specific to this laptop.

    I have until now been using unetbootin, but looks like I will be switching to Rufus.

    I have checked my methods, and also made sure the checksums for each files were valid.

    Hope this post is helpful to you and others.

    Kind Regards,


    Last edit: Matthew M 2013-11-07
  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-11-13

    "Is there a parameter I can change / add to the manual method of installing Clonezilla to the USB drive for it to boot correctly?" -> Did you check the batch file of MS Windows (makeboot.bat) or the script file (makeboot.sh) of GNU/Linux? All the steps and parameters are inside that files.


  • Anonymous - 2015-07-12

    I have the same situation but in Ubuntu, after some week Unetbootin was fine but now only get the message "missing operating system". I tried Tuxboot and the message is the same. I don't remember what version of clonezilla was working fine with Unetbootin. Some idea about the problem and solution ?

  • Matthew M

    Matthew M - 2016-02-04

    Hello, sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. It turned out it was a failing USB Stick. That was the issue in this particular case. However I have seen it many times before on various different laptops and USB sticks. When I come across the issue again. I'll go ahead and try your suggestions. Thanks for your time. I'll post my findings. Typically I won't see this issue for sometime now! :)

    Last edit: Matthew M 2016-02-05


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