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Turtle Firewall / News: Recent posts

Turtle Firewall 1.37 released!

02-02-2006 v.1.37
- New service definitions were added:
igmp (Internet Group Management Protocol).
bpalogin (BPALogin).
Thanks to Rene Cunningham for this two services.
openvpn (OpenVPN protocolo,
- Bugs were fixed.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2006-02-02

Turtle Firewall 1.36 released!

11-01-2006 v.1.36
- Add multisources and multidestinations in firewall rules.
- Add service attribute in filter xml tag of services definition files.
- Eliminate drop_unclean option, doesn't work with kernel 2.6.x
- Bugsfix.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2006-01-11

Turtle Firewall 1.27 released!

14-05-2003 v.1.27
- Small Bug-fix.
07-05-2003 v.1.26
- Fix "de" language file (Frank Frster).
- NAT Improved, now you can change rules order.
- NAT rules bugfix.
- Configuration backup download bugfix.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2003-05-15

Turtle Firewall 1.25 released

- Fix bugs.
- Change Turtle Firewall stop process, ping will be reenabled.
- Add AIM/ICQ and Soulseek std services (Frank Frster).
- Add Oracle, VNC, VNC-http services.
- Add rip, syslog, icecast, icp, irc (Karl Lovink).
- Local Redirection Improved.
- Now you can rename all firewall items.
- More options.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2003-04-14

Turtle Firewall 1.23 released!

- Add proxy, ssh21, dhcp, snmptrap, socks and eDonkey services (Karl Lovink).
- Fix a bug into log viewer (Fredrik Tuomas).
- Add Configuration Backup/Restore.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2003-02-18

Turtle Firewall 1.22 released!

Turtle Firewall 1.22 released!

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2003-02-12

Turtle Firewall 1.19 released!

Turtle Firewall 1.19 released!

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2002-12-13

TurtleFirewall 1.15 relased

Fix "DROP INVALID unclean" bug

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2002-09-13

Turtle Firewall 1.14 released

- The configurable options contains now the option to select the logfile (Karl Lovink)
- The dutch language has been added (Karl Lovink).

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2002-09-10

Turtle Firewall 0.99 released!

- Fix turtlefirewall privileges bug.
- Use iptables from PATH (iptables directory need to be in PATH env. var.)
- PreLoad modules for ftp connections and NAT.
- Add CVS, NNTP services.

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2002-06-19

TurtleFirewall 0.98 Released!

- Do you need port-based natting? Here it is...
- Fixed theI-Wanna-Reply-To-Pings-But-It-Doesn't bug: when the fw accepts pings on a <somewere> => FIREWALL base, don't turn the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all kernel flag on...
- Applied few ahestetic make-ups
Giampaolo Tomassoni

- Webmin Changes
Andrea Frigido

Posted by Andrea Frigido 2002-06-03