To hoesh:when will u have more time for mmcac

  • Xuefer

    Xuefer - 2004-06-17

    when will u have more time for mmcac
    just wonder :)

    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-06-19

      I've not heard from hoesh for a couple of weeks, but hopefully he'll be around soon.  I'd actually like to thank him for doing such a fantastic job with mmCache and getting it prepared for PHP5, its a sterling job - thank you from me and I'm sure everybody :)

    • Gabriel Ricard

      Gabriel Ricard - 2004-06-22

      I've dedicated some time to working on Turck MMCache and I've been reading through the code recently to get a feel for how it works, so if there's a particular bug bothering you, I'd be happy to give it a shot and see if I can fix it.

      Hoesh has not returned emails I've sent to him either. Have any of the registered developers returned anyone's emails?

    • Hős Endre

      Hős Endre - 2004-06-22

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm still on the grind, but first I have to let my server work. On the next weekend I'll be ready to continue my contribution. will be up in time of the next release. The domain is already registered, the 65% of the pages are prepared. The original content is sliced into smaller pages, and the design is renewed.

      Have to go now..

    • Gabriel Ricard

      Gabriel Ricard - 2004-06-23

      we all appreciate the update.

    • mike503

      mike503 - 2004-08-29

      i'll host the site if you want help with that, free of charge.

      i want to help the development in any way possible, except for the actual C/C++ coding, which i would be way too green to even attempt.


    • DuNaMiS

      DuNaMiS - 2004-09-21

      I can host mmcache site for free too.
      I'm using it and I'll be wery happy to contribute with something even if it is so small.
      Can provide CVS for developement, content mangement software etc...


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