#6 My List


* window should open full size instead of half width
(or at least remember how I last used it)
* right click on document tab for context menu (like
mozilla): close, close all (with confirmation), new file
* regular expression search and replace (see EditPlus
for an example)
* search in all open files
* spell checking would be killer (especially if it knew
how to spell check html and strings within programs)
* code templates on a context menu or drop down of some
* support for ActionScript Syntax (actually, I'd like
to see all of the syntax settings moved into config
file(s) like you have in the /todo). For now, here's a
version that I cam up with. Though I'm not 100% sure
it's right:
case ActionScript:
languageName = "ActionScript";
keyWords[0] =
"if while with var void typeof new
delete do continue "
"else add and or not on onClipEvent le
lt gt for in "
"function instanceof ge eq break
#include ne return "
"switch default case #initclip
#endinitclip onPress "
"onRelease onReleaseOutside onRollOver
onRollOut "
"onDragOver onDragOut onLoad onUnload
onMouseDown "
"onMouseMove onMouseUp onKeyDown
onKeyUp onData onChanged";
indentWords =
"case default do else for function if
switch while";
blockComment = "// ";
streamStart = "/*";
streamEnd = "*/";
statementEnd = ";";
blockStart = "{";
blockEnd = "}";


  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2003-10-07

    Logged In: YES

    All of the window options are fully configurable. They can
    be found in the file Prefs.cfg in the Config directory of
    wherever you installed Turbo Pad. If you want Turbo Pad to
    start maximized, you can set Window.Minimized to true or if
    you just want Turbo Pad to open and fill your screen you can
    set Window.Width to whatever your screen width is. Also, you
    can set Window.AutoSave to true and Turbo Pad will save your
    window positions each time you exit. Sorry about the fact
    that you have to edit config files to change these options;
    I'm working on an options dialog to make all of these
    options much easier to change.

    I'll create a context menu for the file tabs as soon as I
    can, but it isn't really possible at the current time. I
    need a function called HitTest to do this and it won't be in
    wxWindows until the next version.

    Regular expression support in find/replace and find/replace
    in files will be included in a future version.

    Spell checking has been requested previously and I am
    currently looking into the best way to implement it. It will
    most likely be implemented, but it may not be for a while
    since making it style-aware would end up being pretty complex.

    I'll add some kind of context menu support for code
    templates in the next few versions. Also, moving all of the
    syntax settings into config files is a fairly high priority
    right now and I am attempting to get this into the next
    release. Once I do this, I'll be sure to include a
    highlighter file for ActionScript.

    Thanks for all of your feature requests,


  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2003-10-07
    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mattwat
  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-05-06
    • priority: 7 --> 6
  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-05-06

    Logged In: YES

    A tab context menu is included in version 0.3.


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