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TTtrigger / News: Recent posts

Release files area reorganised

The release files area has been reorganised to explicitly indicate which versions are stable releases. Download history has been lost as a result of this, but this is regarded as a small price to pay for the added clarity.

Posted by Jonathan 2011-12-08

Subversion repository activated

Up to now, source code for tttrigger has only been available through versioned tarballs. A subversion repository has now been actived with tags for previously released versions (1.0 and 1.1) recreated from the original tarballs. Development continues in trunk.

Posted by Jonathan 2011-12-08

TTtrigger development resumes

Since Jorn (aka mettle) released version 1.1 back in 2007 no further work has been done on the software: it's just worked for those using it. Recently though its use of Qt3 was becoming a problem, with fewer and fewer distributions including it for backwards compatibility any more. For it to continue to fill a need a port to Qt4 was needed, which I (jwoithe) did at the end of November 2011.

Jorn is no longer involved in theatre and has no time to maintain software he no longer uses. Consequently he has passed the maintenance baton to me (jwoithe). It is my plan to continue to eliminate bugs, tidy up the Qt4 port and then add some features which will be useful to me. Features requested by others will also be considered. Patches are welcome.... read more

Posted by Jonathan 2011-12-08