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trn 4.0 test76 released

This release includes a fix for a crash bug, and a few other minor changes.

Posted by Wayne Davison 2001-04-02

Trn 4.0 test75 released

I've tarred up the latest CVS source and released it as trn test75. Enjoy!

Posted by Wayne Davison 2001-02-13

Trn 4.0 test74 released

There were a few small problems with test73, so I've released test74. Enjoy!

Posted by Wayne Davison 2000-05-27

Trn 4.0 test 73 now available

The CVS repository now contains trn 4.0 test 73. I have also made available the traditional tar and patch files, which you will find in the ftp area here.


Posted by Wayne Davison 2000-05-25