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Source code now in Github

It has been a while since the last update but I am glad to announce the migration of the source code to Github. This does not imply that the project is moving to Github, all milestone releases, bug reports and forums will remain on sourceforge. The main change is to allow the project for easier code changes/review/submits.

If you are interested, take a look there:

Posted by FRLinux 2013-08-05

Open Source Tripwire Released

This has some installation bug fixes, primarily for machines that don't have sendmail installed. Additionally, all version numbers were updated appropriately (some where lagging).

Posted by Ron Forrester 2007-04-18

Tripwire release

This is a very minor release with no new functionality. Patches (from dwight, FRLinux, and others) were finally rolled in to allow compiling on gcc 4.x, and minor install script tweaks were made.

Additionally, pre-compiled binares for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 3) on IA-64 were provided by David LaPalomento at HP (thanks David!) and are in the new contrib bin package.... read more

Posted by Ron Forrester 2007-02-25 Released

I have just updated the sourceforge project page with new binary and source releases, versioned as

This release is essentially identical to Paul Herman's portable source, and will be the basis for all new features going forward. Thanks much to Paul for all the great work!

A couple of important notes:

- I've not yet fixed the, and there are a few issues with it. I will attend to these issues first thing (if anyone wants to help, that'd be great).... read more

Posted by Ron Forrester 2005-12-02

Preparing a new release

Just a quick note that I am alive, and I am currently preparing a new release. This release will be basically an import of Paul Herman's excellent port, and we'll move forward with that code base which supports many more platforms. The source control for this will be via subversion on a system I host, so CVS will be turned off here, but all other project management features will remain here.

It's going a little slower than I'd like, but rest assured I will get a new source and binary (compiled on a modern gentoo system) out asap.... read more

Posted by Ron Forrester 2005-04-18

v2.3.1-2 released

This includes FreeBSD 4.2 support via Paul Herman, and misc bug fixes. See the ChangeLog for full details.

Posted by Ron Forrester 2001-03-04

tripwire 2.3.0-50 released

Build 50 of 2.3 has been released, implementing a couple of security enhancements regarding temp files, and a new global email option for report emailing. See ChangeLog in the tarball for more information.

Posted by Ron Forrester 2001-02-04

Tripwire 2.3 documentation now available

Tripwire 2.3 documentation has just been released in both PDF and RTF formats. The RTF is meant to be used a starting point for people wanting to undertake a documentation project for Tripwire 2.3.

Posted by Ron Forrester 2000-12-18

Tripwire IRC

For developers who would like some more realtime discussion on the code, I have begun to use the OpenProjects ( IRC facilities. I hang out in the channel "#ost" on their servers. To find a server near you, check here:

Posted by Ron Forrester 2000-11-14

Open Source Tripwire Live

The initial cvs import of Open Source Tripwire is completed and live. Please visit the CVS section for browsing or downloading the source. You can also download a tarball from the project summary page. If any problems are found, please drop me an email at

Posted by Ron Forrester 2000-10-30