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News and such...

OKay first the good news... Trion has reached the top 10 for Operating System Kernels! Yay!

The bad news is I will be gone for a extensive 8 monthes it can be more or it can be less. I will be working on my own Operating System while I am gone but wont forget about Trion. I will be back to help on it though. Probley when I get back it will be in beta! But I am sad to say I miss all the development. Well anyways happy coding. Also have fun in this. Operating System coding maybe hard work but you should at least have fun in it.... read more

Posted by Matthew Danker 2003-11-05

The Trion Development Group is growing... fast!

Welcome to all our newest developers! We are proud to see so much interest in our project.

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-10-30

New team member

The Trion Development Group is proud to announce that the kernel team has been joined C++ programmer Stephen (bregmasoft). Code long and prosper!

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-10-23

Trion in top 20 of most active OS kernels!

The Trion Operating system is currently ranking 12th in SourceForge's OS kernel category. Good work, people! Lets keep this progress up!

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-10-21

Welcome to the Trion project page...

The Trion project is now really getting started, thanks to all the people at and the forum that support us... We welcome any developer that wants to contribute to the project!

The Trion Crew

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-09-16