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New Development (ubuntutrinux) on Google Code

See the Google Code site ( for ubuntutrinux

I may host some project files here, not sure.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2007-04-11

Trinux-USB for USB Drives/Tokens

Released a Linux 2.4.26 based boot floppy with USB and SCSI drivers necessary to load packages from USB drives. Simple create a \trinux\bootpkg directory on your USB device and add packages

Downloads available at:

Posted by Matthew Franz 2004-05-24

Trinux never dies!

Once again (not sure for how long) Trinux is under active development.

A new 2.4.26 kernel has been built -- see

Modules are available in

I have been updating module packages to and you will also see lots of packages being updated

Released a Cardbus floppy image built on 2.4.26
see read more

Posted by Matthew Franz 2004-05-17

Trinux 0.890 Released

Floppy and ISO boot images available for the first official release in several years. Trinux 0.890 is based on Busybox-1.00pre1 and Linux 2.4.21 and included dozens of new and updated packages, bug fixes, as well as new (but still) incomplete documentation. PCMCIA support is not available in this release.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2003-08-08

Trinux now under active development again

This month I've finally started working on Trinux again and am shooting for a release based on Linux 2.4.21 and Busybox 1.00pre1 during the next month. Updated initrd.gz and floppy boot images are now available as well as kernel modules and kernel module packages.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2003-07-28

Trinux-UML 0.1 Released

Trinux-UML allows trinux to run as a Linux process using User-Mode-Linux. Trinux-UML is automatically enables IP Masquerading on the host machine and uses TUN/TAP networking to communicate with the outside world and uses network package loading. Trinux-UML is primarily useful as a development/testing environment for Trinux but has could have other more creative applications.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2002-02-04

Labrea Package Now Available

"getpkg labrea" installs Tom Liston's Anti-Code Red Tool. See for more info.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2001-08-23

Trinux 0.80rc2 Boot Images Available

After several months of intense development, the core feature additions/enhancements (package loading, ISO booting, many new packages, easier configuration, updated busybox, improved modularity, and kernel 2.4.x) have stabilized. Upon final release, Trinux will include four boot images: net, ide, pcmcia, and iso based on Linux 2.4.5 and Busybox pre-0.42. Several dozen new packages have been added this year. See for a complete listing of Trinux packages. Trinux documentation, minor bugs, and mirror sites need to be addressed prior to the final release which is expected in August.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2001-07-24

Trinux 0.70 Released!

Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit, a floppy-ramdisk Linux distro aimed at security professionals, announces a first major release in over a year. All Trinux users are encouraged to upgrade. Trinux includes pre-compiled versions of popular network security tools useful for mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2000-08-02

Trinux now on SourceForge

Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit ( now has a home on SourceForge. For the moment Trinux SourceForge resources will only be of use for developers and will not contain end-user documentation or support.

Posted by Matthew Franz 2000-03-07