Documenting the design goals

Ajit Kumar
  • Ajit Kumar

    Ajit Kumar - 2002-09-11

    I feel we should document the design goals for each of the tasks so that once the design goal is clear we can proceed with selecting the better, if not best, approach to meet that goal. This would also help us in defining what we are doing, where we are, and why we are doing. e.g As I have started working on the Installer, there was a good amount of documentation done be Stefane(ep98) but still I couldn't get everything about it as there is no affirmative conclusion.
    So, it would be great if we first define our design goals for a particular task, make sure that everybody understands what we need to do, everybody is in sync, and then start with the development. It would help in maintaining the things as well.

    • Stefan Ilivanov

      Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-09-16

      This task is not started yet, you can see a little information for it on the Task manager.

    • Stefan Ilivanov

      Stefan Ilivanov - 2003-05-04

      I hopw, that Ignat Lichenko will help you, to provide more information about this task


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