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Transconnect is now stable

Transconnect allows users behind a HTTP proxy like squid to use applications like telnet,ssh, irc, fetchmail etc as if they were directly connected to the internet.

Transconnect is now stable. There have been no serious bugs in the implementation. So I thought it must be upgraded from Beta :)
Use it and enjoy...

Posted by Dwivedi Ajay kumar 2001-10-02

TransConnect-The story behind

Transconnect project was started by me when a friend (Pankaj Gupta) informed me that our proxy server allows the CONNECT option to connect directly to the internet. He said it could be possible to reimplement TCP stack to allow this facility to all the system services. I do not know anything about the network internals (TCP stack and whatever) but I felt it is not the way to do it. I proposed to reimplement some of the function calls to make the connections appear transparent to the the applications. He (pankaj Gupta) and Linux do not go hand in hand , so I decided to do it for the heck of it.
After a lot of thought I decided to reimplement the connect() function. But the problem arose how to tell the applications to use my connect instead of the systems connect.
Finally the help came from India LUG. I am thankful to Raja Subramanian for giving me the pointer about the imposter thing.
After that began the real thing. It was one of the best programming sessions I have had, and the code is somewhat workable now. There were many problems which appered to me later. Like connect can be called for any type of socket and any family but we want only internet TCP sterams to go. Finally it was satisfying to be able to ssh to :)
It allows linux yahoo messenger to connect through the proxy too. I have tried telnet, ssh, yahoo messenger etc. But I am failing at present in things like fetchmail and pine. Though I can use telnet to connect to the pop servers, fetchmail is not able to do so :(
It needs a lot of debugging and extensions. So, keep in touch :)

Posted by Dwivedi Ajay kumar 2001-02-22

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