Compiles. But doesn't Work.

P. K.
  • P. K.

    P. K. - 2008-10-10

    Hello there. I managed to get everything needed to compile FilmDemux. The problem is, it doesn't convert. I am able to select the media, but when I click Start, it doesn't convert and I get an error.
    "-af-add is not an MEncoder option" in Red Font shown here:

    I am suspecting that it could be a problem with move123. When I compile mov123, it shows this:

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2008-10-10

      Keep in mind, FilmRedux is PRE-ALPHA. That means that basically, we have an interface and little else. Some basic frameworks are in place so other things can get working. When Tyler was working on the project, currently only the iTunes formats were working (ipod+appletv, maybe iphone). Something may have happened between his last alpha release to his testers and this svn source, but that isn't known at this point.

    • P. K.

      P. K. - 2008-10-10

      Oh ok. Good to know. I'm loving that it switched to more of an AudialHub interface. I really hope this gets big. And heck, even be as awesome enough to include tons of MKV support. That'd be a dream x], it'd probably stop me from using Windows.

      Each different format (IE WMV, MP4, Etc) gave different errors.

    • James Raybould

      James Raybould - 2008-10-11

      The only formats working right now are the apple ones - everything else needs working on

    • P. K.

      P. K. - 2008-10-17

      Even when trying to convert to Apple devices, I get the MEncoder problem.

      -af-add is not an MEncoder option

    • st373n

      st373n - 2009-01-28

      Try my version of mencoder , it includes the lastest options and codecs and is a universal binary more info at

    • Mad Hatter Software

      Mine compiles and doesn't work either... please release your code... I also try to make PunyVid, but it doesn't work eather...

    • Mad Hatter Software

      *REPOST well... punyvid works but FilmRedux doesn't when I build from Xcode... but when I run from the "build" folder it doesn't... what is the deal with that?


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