#24 creating turns bug


I have segmented all of my file, and filled in the text, and am now trying to add the turns (speakers). However, I can only add one, and sometimes two turns, before the "ok" and "cancel" etc buttons disappear from the turn dialogue box. I can hit 'enter' to create a couple of turns before the dialogue stops responding all together. This began only a couple of days ago. I have rebooted, uninstalled & redownloaded then reinstalled Transcriber, plus I have downloaded it onto another computer and I am still having the same problem. Any ideas what's causing this, or what can be done to fix it/work around it in the meantime?? I'm really really keen for a fix to this, because I don't like Elan, Audacity, or the other transcription tools I've seen at all.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The dialog box resizes itself, if you expand it (bottom right corner) you will find the buttons. Otherwise use the shortcuts (escape and enter). Took me some time to find out!

  • daisy

    daisy - 2009-01-26

    No, this is my problem - this workaround works only once, or sometimes twice, before that also stops working.


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