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Version 0.3.0
- HTTP Method Type can be choosen: HTTP POST or HTTP GET
- GPRMC Message Type is supported.
- LOGLEVEL can be configured.
- Smaller UI Fixes
- Code improvements: Cleaned up code and added some JMUnit tests.

Posted by Heiko Maass 2008-06-29


Version 0.2.0-beta
- live-tracking (see\)
- Options: URL now starts with http://www. by default
- Options: New propery DeviceID

Posted by Heiko Maass 2007-09-16

Patchrelease 0.1.1

- fixed bug in NMEA parsing.
- default bluetooth access period changed to 10
- some messages are now set to debug level.

Posted by Heiko Maass 2007-03-07

New developer: stejan

Welcome to stejan. He will write some cool features for trakkcor.

Thanks for joining :)

Posted by Heiko Maass 2006-12-01